Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring CQ....more piecing progress

I am really enjoying working with these colors!
On my work table I've got a big yummy pile of green fabrics that are going to fill in the arcs in the four corners...merging fairly seamlessly with the purple, I hope, with the same kind of curved, semi-random piecing. ..
The center will come last, as per usual...determined by the direction the quilt has taken.

I decided to join all the blocks together from the beginning, rather than embroider them separately. I definitely want this quilt to evolve as a whole, not in units. It will be a little more cumbersome to work on but not too bad....certainly not as much of a wrestling match as the quilt shown below was...that one was 5' X 10'!

This is my friend KT's quilt, shown hanging in her bedroom. The blocks were worked on separately, but then a lot more embellishment was added after the quilt top was assembled. That was a workout.

In joining the central 9 blocks, I did piece in the blank muslin square just to keep everything stable and squared up. After the corners are pieced, I'll join them all up.


Marty52 said...

I think that KT's quilt is one of the first ones I watched you make via your blog. I just love it. This newest one looks like it is going to be just as spectacular!

Vicki W said...

I'm really enjoying watchng the progress on this project!

Judy S. said...

Hi Allie,

Gosh, that quilt of KT's is beautiful....love the colors. I like the colors of the new one, too; it's almost like watching a huge flower unfold.

Barbara C said...

My, but you've been busy. I'm looking forward to seeing you work on another big project.

Your Home in the Garden piece came out so lovely--it's a real little jewel.

rupr said...

Very nice. It is crazy and organized in same time. And coloures are beautiful.

indiaartist said...

Wow this is really coming together fast. Can't wait to see more. I loved KT's too.

Susan said...

Wow, love KT's quilt! The colors are fabulous. Your spring quilt looks beautiful, too. I kind of like that oval shape of flowers in the middle.

Sorry I missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday!