Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The DMC Crazy Quilt Commission--Part 1

DMC has commissioned me to make a small crazy quilt commemorating the trip to France that I won in their recent Stitching Memory contest.  It is to be about my memories and impressions from the trip...and
what a pleasure this project is already!

When I was in Houston I found some perfect reproduction French border fabric at Lancaster Traditional Fabric's booth.  (If you love unusual repro fabrics check out their site.  Their booth was awesome.)

I laid out the border fabric to gauge the size the center would be.  There is the famous DMC horse, (the picture taken at the factory in Mulhouse, France) which will be printed on fabric and put in the place of honor in the center.

Next I created the background piecing for that center space.

The blues say "France" to me, and will contrast nicely with the border.
Once they were pinned, I sewed them all down.

It was such a pleasure to use a variety of DMC's threads to lay down my seam treatments.

It's been too long since I did work like this!!!!

So now the background is finished and I am ready to add the next layer.

It is going to look very different!

A project from my first book, the "Sister's Scrapbook Page", will give you an indication of where this is headed....

My sister is going to be in this one, too!

More soon.....


Arlene Delloro said...

I agree that the blues set off that border fabric beautifully. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

Gerry Krueger said...

I just adore that border fabric... and the blues are perfect...!

Marie said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS fabrics - totally says France. Looks like you are having tons of fun and that it will be a beautiful memento of your trip.

Annette-California said...

Oh so beautiful Allie. LOVE the border fabric and all the colorizing of the other fabrics you are using. The DMC threads look Fabulous. Absolutely stunning!!! DMC will be lucky to showcase this treasure when you are finished:)
love Annette

Rebecca Grace said...

I love the deep red with the pale French blues! Your process is fascinating. Once you have all the pieces laid out the way you want them, how do you actually sew them together? Do you piece on a foundation fabric, or are you zigzagging to secure the two fabrics from the right side and then hiding that stitching with embellishment?

Pamela Kellogg said...

Gorgeous Allie! Methinks I see a familiar fabric on that!!! ;) Can't wait to watch your progress! Hugs, Pam

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