Sunday, March 22, 2009

Esther's Blog, "Eco-Practical Crafting"

Esther, my son's girlfriend, has been blogging since the beginning of the year.
Her focus is on needlework/crafting from an environmentalist perspective.
I am loving what she's doing!

Her first "unit"--or series of posts--was a phenomenal exploration of using plastic grocery bags in creative and useful new ways.

She gave me one of the totebags she made as a Christmas present, and I use it all the time when I'm traveling to carry my needlework projects. It has held up well.

She used a paper bag grocery bag for the "batting", and appliqued the outside plastic bag layer with the Macy's star and the stripes...there is an inner plastic layer, and all is machine quilted with clear thread. The top has cotton binding appliqued by hand.
Everyone who sees this bag loves it...she also experimented with spinning and weaving plastic bag strips...very cool. See it all here.

Here she is with one of her woven plastic totes.

She loves to crochet and has been figuring out different ways to chart her own designs for what she calls "Tapestry Crochet"projects.

Naturally I love this one, as it is of my son, Max.
She writes about different methods for creating patterns here.

Her blog itself has a very nice organized look to it...Max wrote her a little program (he's a software engineer) for grouping her posts that is so much more effective than the long list of labels on the side of my blog. I'm going to visit them in a few weeks and get some help to update my sidebar, for sure.
Esther is also going to lead me through the mysteries of PowerPoint...she was the one who created my "ants" title bar up top here, too. Thanks, Esther!

Her blog's next "unit" will be a series of posts on recycling socks--you know, the ones with the holes in the toes. This will start on April 2 (she posts on Thursdays), and I for one am looking forward to it...
So I invite you to check out her blog. Her environmental passion is compelling, and her talent is really rolling....


Kay said...

Definitely a creative young lady! I like the tote bag very much. I wonder if you and she have seen these chickens made from plastic bags, imported from South Africa.
Artisans there make wonderful use of found objects for art.

Anonymous said...

Esther is so creative and her blog is a delight. I loved her hand made spindle and sent the link to a wool growing and spinning friend.
Granny Fran

Unknown said...

she even tilts her head like you!!!!!

Possibilities, Etc. said...

Esther is a fabulous "find" for both you and for Max. What a clever girl she is!!

Anonymous said...

Esther is a very clever, creative woman!

Barbara C said...

Thanks for promoting Esther's blog. I've been curious about bonding plastic bags, but I've been afraid of fumes the process might emit. Her bags look great.

Marsha said...

she is amazing. And I have to say, everytime I visit I have to gaze at the cute line of ants. I just think they are the greatest.

Susan Elliott said...

I would agree -- now there are more reasons to love Esther. She IS a talented bugger. I loved the rainy day tote and think she should open an Etsy shop. I loved her rusty square ruler...very wabi sabi....

Anonymous said...

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