Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pretty Crazy Green 9 Patch....Sewn and Assembled

This little 24" X 24" quilt came together so fast!

I don't have the backing on yet and may wait a bit on that part, but here is the top.

As in all crazy quilts, there is ample room for handwork to enrich the surface....

...but part of the point of this exercise is to demonstrate what interest you can get by just varying the fabrics and trims/fabrics used between the patches.

There is no hand or machine embroidery at all in this project (although I did sneak one M & S Schmalberg butterfly into the center block with machine applique.)  The Pretty Crazy pattern is supposed to give you any option you want for approaching your crazy quilt, especially for newbies.

I would love it if you all gave this a try so I can see what you do with it!


NickiLee said...

Hi Allie!

I've been MIA for about 2 months traveling to CA and TX but am so happy to finally be home. Look what happens when I go away - you create another beauty. I love this pretty just the way it is!

Now to get back to my blogging and sewing .... my fingers are getting itchy!


Susan Elliott said...

Having been with you for a few years now, I can legitimately claim that you are truly a master now of piecing a crazy quilt...blending colors beautifully to give a unified composition when viewed from far away. I know this was something that challenged you when you moved from Crazy for Flowers to Spring CQ...but the more of these quickie quilts you do...the more I can see how that piecing mastery have become second nature to probably don't even think about it too much anymore.


Love, Grasshopper.

Elizabeth said...

This is a great technique for smaller CQ projects as well, like pillows , purses etc!! I am going to try it for a bag that I am going to make for myself with my own surface designed fabrics- sort of a ultra modern take on CQ! I will keep you informed!!!

I love all of the pops of red in this piece!!! That little floral trim that you said was Simplicity- where can I get some????

Elizabeth said...

I totally agree with our dear friend Grasshopper!~!!

FredaB said...

I like the little touches of pink that pop out at you. Very nice job Allie.



Conni said...

Just gorgeous!