Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pictures to Canvas....A Lovely Service

I wanted to share a neat service I've recently tried, EasyCanvasPrints.com
I'm up visiting my old family cottage at Lake Michigan and wanted to bring a present to my cousin....I can't bring my "H" quilt, as I need it for a few upcoming exhibits....but with Easy Canvas Prints' picture to canvas service, I sent a detail photo of the quilt and got back a great mounted picture, ready for its place on the wall of the cottage.
Hal, my uncle whom everyone called "H", loved it here so much....he and I shared that love very deeply.

Here is the quilt, which old time readers may remember:

And here is the wonderful canvas print:

I think the detail and colors came out just great in this print.
This is 8" X 10", but they can print lots of different sizes.
And now it belongs to the cottage....

It's hanging in the same room as a few of H's paintings.  This one is a favorite of mine...

He was so inspired by this place, as I am.....

And it's so good to be back.....

H is with me, looking over the lake.....   ;-)


Debra Dixon said...

Good to know about--thanks!

Enjoy the cottage!!

Arlene Delloro said...

Thanks so much for sharing that; what a great idea.

FredaB said...

Hi Allie

First I must say that I just heard about the loss of your quilt. I just felt sick for you and am really hoping it was sent to someone in error and they will return it and the others. Bad things happen to good people but I believe in what "goes around comes around" and you get back what you give.

I have always loved the Hal quilt - guess for me it was the wonderful story that went with it. How nice to be able to have a picture of it for the cottage. I was thinking that would be a good way to have all your work that could be put on one wall whereas you could not do this with the actual items.

Thanks for the tip.

Have a wonderful time even with all this heat. Just float around the lake and dream of all your new quilts you have in mind.

Many hugs