Thursday, January 3, 2019

A Visual Review of my Quilts of 2018

I have been quite productive this year, making studio work, commissions, class samples, gifts, and service projects.

I thought it would be fun to have a visual record here on the blog, in chronological order, to get a sense of where I've been and where I'm heading. Lots of imagery here, but I promise the captions will be short!

A 24" X 24" pillow top incorporating vintage textiles. 

I quilted and finished a vintage top given to me by Nancy Darooge on my HandiQuilter Sweet 16

Two pillow tops made of vintage, Indian, and repro textiles and trims for my friend Geeta Khandalwahl, whom I visited in Mumbai in February with my traveling companion Meg Cox.

A class sample for my Road to California class in January.  It is next to Geeta's book on Godharis of Maharastra.

Conifer and Deciduous, 6" X 10", created on those long flights to and from India

Two versions of my "Gothic Windows" quilt made for my class at the Lincoln Quilt Guild in Lincoln, NE. Vintage and repro textiles are used in the second example.

An experiment combining my stained glass technique, vintage and hand dyed fabrics.  I consider this a fail.

But I love this one, a throw quilt made from vintage blocks, hankies, curtains, crocheted and embroidered table linens, and hand block prints from India.

Another success, combining vintage blocks from my friend Lisa Boni and Peppered Cottons, from Studio E Fabrics, along with my stained glass technique.  This is currently being big stitched, then it will be machine quilted.

 The jury is still out on this Vintage Spring top. I think one more, dark-in-value border on the left and right sides would have made me feel better. (Too late for that; it's already pin basted waiting to be quilted.) But I did love pushing the envelope on how to combine vintage textiles in new ways.

This was my major piece of the year, the commission for Camp Newaygo in Western Michigan.

 June Collage, a gift for my brother Matt, combining vintage textiles, repros, and embellishments.

Nan, my mother.  A class sample for the World of Quilts Alaska Cruise I taught on in August.

Class sample for my Stained Glass Leaves class on the Alaska cruise.

Two pillow tops for hostess gifts during my travels to Michigan in August.  Both incorporate vintage textiles and some hand embroidery.

A commission for Karen South using her and her grandmother's blocks, as well as vintage textiles belonging to her grandmother.

A memorial quilt for the widow and daughters of my dear high school friend, Dr. Douglas Mossman of Cincinnati, Ohio.

I quilted up this adorable panel to make a baby quilt for my new grandniece, Grace.

For the first time in over 30 years, I made myself a garment, this Tamarack Jacket from Grainline Studio. It fits and I love wearing it!

Vintage Autumn combines vintage blocks and fabrics, Indian block print fabric and trim, repro fabric, embellishments, and a handful of silk scraps (the orange triangles). 

When Paradise, California burned to the ground one day in November, nearby resident Cindy Needham, one of the quilt world's finest instructors, organized a multi faceted relief effort for quilter survivors in the area.  A quilt drive was part of that, so I made this and sent it on down.

My cousin Tracy really liked it so I made one for her during the week between Christmas and New Years.

 Buffy, a Christmas gift for my son Chad's girlfriend, Deidre.


That brings me to the present.  
Obviously, the main theme is combiing vintage textiles in new ways, a direction I've been hashtagging #herhandsandmine over on Instagram
I've been working on what I call "Snowflowers" to go onto what will be my Vintage Winter quilt.  Each "flower" is a doily that's been enhanced with fabric and embroidery.  They'll be appliqued onto a background, looking something like this:

This is a longer term project, and is reminding of the crazy quilts I used to make.  The more time spent working to realize the vision, the richer and more enjoyable the work on it becomes.

And that's like life, right?

Vintage Summer waits in the wings for next year when all the flowers are up and inspiring my soul.

Happy 2019, my friends!


Debra Dixon said...

Nice visual review of your year's work Allie! I hope 2019 is just as productive. :-)

Arlene Delloro said...

Lovely to look back at your beautiful work. You were, indeed, productive this year! Can't wait to see what 2019 holds.

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Well done Allie. What a great year. Thanks!

karen s said...

I enjoyed seeing your year in review. You have accomplished so much. Congratulations!

Cathy said...

What a stunning variety of colors and textures. Every piece is a treasure!

Clipping Path Service said...

Nice post. I really enjoy reading it. Very instructive, keep on writing.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, what lovely pieces you have created!

You are an inspiration ~ Happy 2019 ~ FlowerLady

Shirlee Fassell said...

Gorgeous you are one busy lady makes me feel like a slacker! Can’t wait to see your new snowflake/flower creation! I have your stained glass book it intrigues me .... I need to get busy!

ABC said...

Love this retrospective! I thought that was who the memory quilt was for. Sad, but the humor of "Oberlin football" is delicious,especially for those of us who went to college in Ohio and especially knowing Doug.

Wilma said...

You have been really productive in 2018, what a wonderful pieces, love the Vintage Autumn the most!

Christen said...

All beautiful, thank you for sharing your talents!

Shawkl said...

Wow, you have been busy girl! All are wonderful but the Autumn quilt with vintage and fabric from India really speak to me. Thanks for the inspirations...makes me want to get busy! Hugs!

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