Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Stained Glass Leaves

Over the last few years I have made so many quilts about leaves using the stained glass technique from my book.  I thought I would collect my photos of them here, so you can see all the variations I've explored.

Wool applique on cotton flannel background, using metallic cotton for the leading.

A detail of the center, above.

Green leading on a black cotton background.

 Blue cotton leaves, in prints, solids and plaids.

 Large scale cotton prints as leading.

This little candy thief was a lot of fun to make.  He's velvet; the leaves are cotton and silk.

This top is the class sample for my recent class with World of Quilts Travel on a fantastic cruise to Alaska. I think I am going to add a few more rounds of leafy borders to this one.

 Combining leaves with the Gothic Window block that I have made many quilts out of too.

 This experiment combined leaf vines with vintage fabrics, blocks, and a hand dyed sky background.

 Combining a stained glass leaf border with a crazy quilt mandala center.

A free form fabric collage that was then "stained-glass-ified". Cotton and silk on a rayon background.

I live in tree country here in the Northwest, with alders providing most of our deciduous leaves. They are right outside my sewing room window, so they are my constant inspiration.

This is a project in the book under construction.  See what I mean?  ;-)


traderslostart said...

I ooh'd and ahh'd as I was studying each one, and keep going back again and again.
If I was asked to pick just one that I liked the best I would be hard-pressed to narrow it down. Thank you for putting so many examples in one post.
As a long time stained glass mosaic artist, I am and always have been in awe of your work and creativity. You bring such beauty into my life, and so many others' lives. Thank you for all the sharing of your talent!

Rhonda Dort said...

Such fabulous quilts! I’m very drawn to the one with the wonderful green border full of leaves! Just love Love love them all!

JuliaRu said...

really beautiful!

Synthia said...

Your quilts take my breath creative! Thank you for the "quilt show". It's so fun to see the compendium of your work!!

Allison Aller said...

Thank you all!!!

David said...

Each one is more beautiful than the last!

Judy S. said...

Beautiful, every one of them! Hope the smoky skies aren't too bad your way. We are having a bit of a break today thankfully.

Gail McCarthy said...

Do you ever teach in so Az?

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