Friday, January 12, 2018

Examples of the Glue Applique Method for Stained Glass Quilts

One of the techniques from my book, Allie Aller's Stained Glass Quilts Reimagined, is called the "Glue Applique Method".  I'll be teaching it at Road to California next week, and have been busy making new quilts to showcase the versatility of this technique.

Here it is in solid fabrics, really a fun kid's quilt:

Then I tried it in wool and cotton flannel.  This functional quilt is nice and heavy and warm.
Here it is up on the design wall.
Below is a detail of the center section.

Then I wanted to try using a vintage Dresden block and mixing some vintage fabrics in with contemporary and hand dyed fabrics too, to create an unusual piece:

It's not quilted yet...I really like it because it is so different!

Then I made a very simple quilt as a "class sample", to show my students how big a bang graphically they could achieve with very simple sewing.

If you look at each of these quilts, you can detect the common block design, right?

Here it is in (mostly) batiks:

And then there is the quilt that started it all, "Windy Sunshine", a project in my stained glass quilting book.  Here is a detail:

Different leading techniques are used in the quilts in this post, (all covered in the book), and I think they do stretch the idea of what a stained glass quilt can be.
Pretty fun!


Rhonda said...

Just absolutely love your work! How nice it would be to take your class! Enjoy your time in California!

Allison Aller said...

Thank you, Rhonda!!!

Judy S. said...

Great to see your post. Lucky you to get out of the rain; enjoy some CA sunshine!

Synthia said...

You make amazing quilts. I'm always amazed at your creativity and color sense. Keep up the good work!! :)

Allison Aller said...

Thank you, Synthia!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful work!!! My goodness you keep coming up with such gorgeous quilts. You have a way with colour but I also really appreciate how you mix traditional sensibility with freshness.

(Curious what book is in the fifth pic? I can't make out the title.)

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