Monday, August 20, 2012

Preparing a CQ Project for Embroidery on the Road

Yes, it has been a traveling summer with more ahead!
I thought I'd quickly share how I prepare a 4 block, 18" X 18" crazy quilt project for a rough and tumble life being folded and unfolded, pulled in and out of a backpack, balanced on the fold down tray tables of airplanes, whisked aside in hotel rooms etc. 

It boils down to two things: interfacing and finishing those edges.

Immediately after trimming my blocks to square I sewed them together.  Then I pressed open the seams and interfaced the back.  Sometimes I interface the blocks individually first instead; sometimes I even  interface the muslin before piecing.  But this time I wanted those seam allowances nailed down, so to speak.
The only downside is the seam allowances make a little indentation as seen from the front...but that will loosen up as the block is worked, so I am not worried about it.

After the interfacing went on, I ran an overcast stitch with my machine around the perimeter of the piece.

Especially with that ravel-ish fabric like the woven brocade in the corner, you MUST stabilize the edge or it will shred on you.   Not good!

Here is the whole thing:

Cheerful, isn't it?  ;-)  All protected and ready to go.

This is a class sample for my Pretty Crazy class I'll be teaching in Columbia, MO this coming October.  It is based on my pattern that you can buy here.  (It is in the top row, second from the left.)

As I'll be teaching Essential Embroidery for Crazy Quilts also, I'll be adding that to this piece during my upcoming travels.  That will be very fun and I am looking forward to it.
I'll show you how it looks when I get back... ;-)


Rian said...

It is already so beautiful--and to think it's just the background where you will work your magic with stitches. Fun times ahead!

Rebecca Grace said...

I miss having a portable hand sewing project -- thanks for posting this. Question: Doesn't the interfacing make the blocks stiff and difficult to pierce with a hand sewing needle for embroidery? What kind of interfacing are you using?

allie aller said...

To answer Rebecca....It doesn't make it stiff at all...I use fusible knit interfacing which is light and flexible. JoAnn's should have it.
I buy the cheapest brand too, nothing fancy required. You can't even feel it with the needle, but it makes a very nice stabilized surface...esp if you don't like using a hoop, which I don't!

Andrea said...

I am surprised that it is ok to carry needles and thread cutters on airplanes. Are there specifications?

Anonymous said...

Where in Columbia, MO are you going? Jane in MO