Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little Allie Bay

Here is another quilt at my brother and sister-in-law's house, made for them in the late 1990's towards the end of my landscape phase.
It's yet another Lake Michigan quilt, where I tried to capture how magical the place was to me as a child (hence the title.)

It is about 18" X 45".  Do click on it!

It's raw edge applique....Had I to do it over I would heavily quilt that sky....but you know how that is....


Rian said...

One can almost hear the waves lapping at the shore!

Rebecca Grace said...

That's so beautiful, Allie, and it's so interesting to see your earlier work. How long ago did you make that piece? It's funny that you mention wishing you'd more heavily quilted the sky -- I just had my second-ever quilt from 2003 out the other day, and decided it needed more quilting, so I brought it to my sewing room and I'm going to do that later today. I decided that I can't possibly make it any WORSE than it already is, and it will be good FMQ practice before I get back into the current quilt I'm working on!