Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quilt Remix Blog Tour

Emily Cier is a pattern designer and author of a new book, Quilt Remix: Spin Traditional Favorites into Ten Fresh Projects.

It is a very fresh take on some traditional quilt patterns and projects, "deconstructed" in the "Modern Quilting" mode.
Like this:

And this!

I was so excited when I saw her work that she asked me to join her blog tour to get the word out, which is underway now!

Here's the schedule:

January 11 (Tuesday) — Kathy Mack –
January 12 (Wednesday) — Julie Herman –
January 13 (Thursday) — Allie Aller –
January 14 (Friday) — Rachel Griffith –
January 15 (Saturday) — Heather Bostic –
January 16 (Sunday) — Connecting Threads –
January 17 (Monday) — Deborah Moebes –
January 18 (Tuesday) — Cherri House —
January 19 (Wednesday) — Kim Kight –

C&T is generously giving away a copy of Emily's book Quilt Remix at every stop, so be sure visit everyone on the tour.

In tomorrow's post, you'll hear my take on it...and why I think this book is an important tool for "handing down" the love of quilting to the next generation. By leaving a comment on the post, you will be eligible to win your own free copy of Emily's book here.

And if you haven't visited some of the other blogs on the tour before, do so...there's some great work out there!

See you tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a lot of fun and a chance at a book also great. Linda

Sabrina said...

The diamond pattern is stunning. Thanks for sharing this book with us.

Stephanie Zito said...

Can't wait to hear your take on the book tomorrow!

Celeste Hagen-Proctor said...

Looks like a great book.

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