Thursday, August 25, 2016

I'm on The Quilt Show!

 So excited!

Alex Anderson, Ricky Tims, and the whole amazing crew at The Quilt Show made me feel so welcome last March when we taped my episode in Denver.  It is almost ready for viewing at last, available on the Quilt Show website Sunday, September 11th!

While it is a subscription site, I will post a link here for viewing my show for FREE, during the week of September 18th-25th, so come back here for it, or find it on my Facebook or Instagram pages on the 18th.

Here is the trailer for the show:

Everyone involved with the show was SO NICE.  What a pleasure it was to meet and work with everyone. Thank you Alex, Ricky, Justin, John, Shelly, Lilo, Mary Kay, Ann and all the other fine friends I made there.