Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Modern Baby Crazy Quilt

A new member of the family is on the way--Andy and Caylie's baby! Long time readers might remember the wall-hanging Andy commissioned from me when he was courting Caylie, back in 2010, and how it had the desired effect!  You can see and read about that here and here.

They love bright colors, so the baby quilt should be bright too!
Here are the steps I went through to make it...

1. I started with some improvisational 4 1/2" foundation pieced crazy quilt blocks done all in solids.  Of course, this was super fun work.  I pinned them up on the design wall as I went, knowing from the get go they should be on point.

2. Seeing them up on the wall as I worked, I just got used to the white background, and I decided the white sashing would keep those colors popping.

3.Here are the trimmed up blocks getting sashed.


4. Like all quilters do, I have a bin of leftover batting pieces.  I cut two pieces to size and spliced them together with some of C & T's Make It Simpler Fusible Interfacing.

5.  I made my quilt sandwich using my favorite bright Kaffe fabric on the back, leaving enough room to roll the edges to the front to make my binding. It was simple to just pin baste the center of the blocks.  I quilted in the ditch along the sashing and then made a horizontal/vertical grid through the centers of the blocks.

6. The "binding" being pinned into place.

7. After the quilt was all finished, I washed and dried it in hot water and a hot dryer.  I wanted it ready to go for baby duty!  But I discovered a few of my seam allowances were too small and they pulled out in a few places.

Bummer. So I sewed 'em up.

Here is the finished quilt.  It is 30" X 40".

And here are Mom and Dad!

The baby is due in mid-January.

Lots of love to the three of them!