Monday, May 26, 2014

French 9 Patch

I've been experimenting!
I set a challenge for myself to combine these things in one quilt:
--vintage blocks, laces, hankies, trims
--3 D embellishment
--hand embroidery
--machine quilting

What you see below is the result of this exercise.
I named it "French 9 Patch" because most of the trims are from my trip to Paris last September, and also because the white embroidery on the black reminds me of French handwriting!  The kind we saw on all the blackboards along the sidewalk cafes...
Like this image from Three Little Words

The whole quilt was driven by the small motif in the very center.

I appliqued it onto the center of a vintage hankie and everything proceeded from there.

I loved using my trims, flowers, vintage blocks, and of course, my favorite silk ribbon from RiverSilks.

Here is the whole quilt, finishing at 37" X 37".

It presented me with some interesting challenges...and I would like to pursue this new direction!