Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Project....Barbara's Door

Even while walking 6 miles every day along the beach, I am still managing to get some stitching done. (We are being so good!) I started work on the house portrait for my friend Barbara.

The photo she sent was of her entryway. I pieced it into a large rectangle before we left home.

This measures about 12" X 16".
These were the colors that lept to mind, but I knew that they would just serve as background for embellishments.

After I stitched the "architectural outlines" on the transferred photo, I started adding the floral frame around the doorway.
The concept of the shrine keeps coming back to me when I think of Barbara. Part of that is her deep ties to Mexico, and part is the fact that I am working on her piece while in this devout and sunlit country.

She uses a lot of yellow in her quilts, too. ;-)
This is early days but the basic structure is in place.

I will be teaching a class in Home Portraits this year.....stay tuned for further details!


Debra Dixon said...

Good start!

Karla Hartzog said...

Ooooh, Allie, you gave me an idea! I have a handmade wreath for my front door for each season. I'm pretty sure I have photos of each one...I'll have to go look. Thank you! Karla

Judy S. said...

Lucky you, being in all that warm sunshine, and lucky Barbara to get one of your nifty pieces!