Gallery of Quilts

Here is a representative sampling of my work over the past 20 years.  I have been exploring many styles and genres in quilting.

Crazy Quilts

Crazy for Flowers, 49" X 59", 2006
2nd Place, Embellished Quilts, International Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas, 2008

Summer Lake Day, 62" X 71", 2003
1st Place, Crazy Quilts, American Quilters Society Nashville, 2003

  Crazy in the Garden, 46" X 46", 2009
2nd Place, Embellished Quilts, International Quilt Festival, Houston Texas 2010

Stained Glass Quilts

 The Attendant, 45" X 55", 1996
Owned by Dr. Benjamin Bryant

 Little Bird, 32" X 50", 1997
collection of the artist
Landscape Quilts

   Main House, Wagon Mound Ranch, 16" X 22",1999
sold from Mariposa Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Confetti Tree, 12" X 15", 1999
owned by Major and Mrs. David Boggle

 20 Years in the Garden, 20" X 20", 2013
collection of the artist

Corporate Commissions

 Memories of Paris, 30" X 30", 2014
for the DMC Corporation

 Renaissance 9 Patch, 27" X 27", 2011
for Renaissance Ribbons

K is for Kreinik, 14" X 16", 2004
for Kreinik Threads

  Bed Quilts

Crazy for Plaid, 65" X 65", 2013
This quilt appears in Quilting...A Little Bit Crazy by Allie Aller and Valerie Bothell

Robert's Quilt, 65" X 75", 1997
collection of the artist

Silk Throw 60" X 72", 2014
Owned by Andrew and Caylie Valenta  
Chinese Coins 4, 55" X 65", 1995
collection of the artist 

I thoroughly enjoy commission work, and am happy to discuss a project you would like created especially for your needs.  Contact me at


Mertie said...

Your quilts are exquisite Allie! Each and every one! And your stitching is beautiful!

I am still a "learner" tho I am not young and something I would love to try is what you've done with your "Little Bird" quilt. Is this done by raw appliqué into a black background with black left showing between pieces?
Thank you.

allie aller said...

Mertie, that subject is covered in my new book coming out in Feb 2017, Stained Glass Quilts Reimagined. Stay tuned, and thank you!

Mertie said...

Thank you! I look forward to getting the book! And seeing your incredible creations!

Unknown said...

Allie I love, love, love your "Crazy for Plaids". I'd like to make a similar version, is there a template for the black strap in one of your books? If so, where can I buy one?

Phyylis said...

Allie, I think your work is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your pictures. I would like to make a crazy quilt jacket. How do you, as an expert, feel I should begin? Thank you for your help.