Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Issue of CQMagOnline is Live!

CQMagOnline has a new issue live on the web. Find it here and enjoy!

Many thanks go to our intrepid and hard working editor, Rissa Peace Root. She is a truly accomplished needlewoman....check out her website here.
Rissa, you rock!!!


Lindi said...

Thanks for the link! I've just checked it out and it's a great mag. I love your jacket, too!

Patricia said...

This is the mag that got me started on my journey to learn CQ. I've just started my learning but love seeing what everyone else is doing. Someday......


Rian said...

You rock too, Allie Cakes!

Mary Corbet said...

Wow. I think it's the best CQ Magazine I've seen so far. They're usually good, but this one is really packed with lots of fun stuff!

I love the CQ-ing scrapbooking / cardmaking article, Allie. I've been making Christmas cards this year, and that's one approach I took. I took a Christmas tree cookie cutter, traced the outline onto graph paper, divided the shape into sections, then cut out the sections to use as templates. I took various scrapbooking papers in greens overall (but printed with different designs) and cut out the pieces in the template shapes. Then I put these back together to form the tree, gluing them onto background card stock. Then I pierced holes for embroidering seams, and managed one seam, and saw that it would work out as a good card-making idea!

And then, unfortunately, I left the card out on the table, where my parrot decided to perforate it.


But I saw that the concept can work, and it's really fun!

In fact, so far, it's the only crazy quilting type thing I've done with any success!!

Anyway, it's a good article, and this issue of the magazine is really fantastic, so congrats to all involved!