Thursday, October 30, 2008

CQ Landscape...A Warm-Up, Part 3

Well, things got very swirly.
This piece is starting to look like Kate Bush's music...that song "The Big Sky" comes to mind. She goes so wild and chaotic at the end of the song, just raving and reveling in her freedom.
The visuals are distracting in this video (and dated)...the music is what I mean...

And I let things go wild in my little quilt here, too....just kind of let 'er rip!!!

There's not much more to add, although I think a dark border would make a big difference here. I'll give it one more day's work... ;-)


Barbara C said...

What wonderful textures. I really like the stitching over the wool, and the branch itself is very cool.

The piece has great movement. It looks like the sky overhead right now. We expect a storm tomorrow.

Donna said...

I can't see the piece. Is there somewhere else I should be looking. I would love to see your landscape art.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Allie,

Glad to see you going back to landscapy-kinda-stuff. Definitely your forte!


PS: Had breakfast with Sue this AM. Both looking forward to PB!

Deb Hardman said...

Going wild apparently suits you! It's great!

Susan Elliott said...

OK, I don't think any of these other commenters actually clicked and watched that video...I am CRACKING UP!! I now have images of you in a silver pantsuit running around in your yard with leaves swirling all around you, only to return to your quiet studio and translate all the whirliness into the quilt! To be honest, all that whirliness wasn't too much -- it made that quilt come ALIVE, baby! Rock on Big Sky Barbie!