Thursday, March 13, 2008

Take It Further, March...Piecing and Collage

Kathy over at Out of the Basement commented that she thought the little ants that you see on the title bar of my blog would be good on this quilt. How right she the subject of this piece is the little things in nature that delight us so when we take the time to look for them. So there will be ants!

I had a great time piecing the frame that surrounds my flower picture. I seem to be working in this format a lot with my inkjet printed imagery (the "N is for Nora" and the "K is for Kreinik" pieces come to mind).

May and I had a very pleasant morning getting the piecing underway.

This measures 16 1/2 " X 22".
I realized quickly that I wanted to keep the values in the frame lighter than the colors in the photo image. I just like the contrast this sets up,and the way it keeps the attention on the flowers.
Also I cut up and used a little of the felted background fabric from the photo in the piecing, which was something I had wanted to try.
But the frame itself is intended to serve as a background of sorts...

I wanted to add some collaged elements on top of the crazy piecing...I haven't tried that before, either.
This 505 Spray and Fix is just great stuff for collaging fabric. I spray the back of my cut out leaves (on newspaper to protect my table) and then am able to smooth them into place on my crazy quilt, moving and rearranging them as I need to.

Which brings me to here.
I toyed with the idea of felt-appliqueing these on with the embellisher...but decided I didn't want that frayed edge look here. I don't want to use my usual clear thread in a free-motion zigzag either. So I am going to try machine buttonhole stitching these leaves into place. I want to see how well that will work with the hand-done seam treatments that will go between the patches.
So tomorrow is for machine applique....


Possibilities, Etc. said...

Again you have created a "feeling" with this, as the "Hood" landscape. The leaves seem to be floating and whirling around in the breeze - great effect on the light frame around the darker background. You have a whole new look, and still within your CQ parameters.

Anonymous said...

Allie, I have been using the machine buttonhole stitch to applique small images with good results on squares and rectangles. I am eager to see how it looks on these curvy leaves. Love the piece.

Marty52 said...

Wow, those leaves add so much to the composition. Another new technique to try!

Threadspider said...

Isn't this challenge great for trying out new techniques?
I used machine buttonhole to join the ladder strips on my birch quilt to the tree panels. It worked pretty well, and they were curved.
Loving the look of the leaves on this.

verobirdie said...

Your work is very inspiring again, and what a view you have!

Judy S. said...

Hi Allie,

What a wonderful block this is going to be and SO creative. I'd never have thought of appliqueing on top of CQ...and the colors are perfect!

BTW, your kitty looks like a distant relative of our Ginger, who also loves to "help"!

Maureen said...

The leaf collage really adds a certain something - it looks great - Bought myself an embellisher today so looking forward to delivery and 'playing' maureen x

Kay said...

Nice! I think those collage elements are going to go well with the crazy patching and embroidery. I've done buttonhole stitch on curved applique. It's slow because you have to turn the piece often, but it works. I try to keep the foot turned so that the stitch goes at a right angle to the edge of the piece, if that makes any sense. Play around with the length of the stitch--I'm sure you already know this.

Granny Fran said...

How wonderful to be able to go out and pick such gorgeous flowers already. No wonder you do such lovely landscape quilts with that view from your studio window.

Cat said...

Now I know how you get so much done. It's that view out your window!! I'd sit there for hours too, it's beautiful and dreamy.

You cat is gorgeous too, although I'm partial to calicos! She looks like mine but with a tail. I have a calico manx.

I like the way your block is coming along!