Sunday, March 2, 2008

Embellisher Experiment #4: Felted "Piecing"

You all are so nice to leave those comments...I appreciate each and every one...and thank you!

I seem to be on a kind of manic roll here...I must have been building up to break out in some new directions because I can't stop working in this (nice clean) sewing room.

Today's experiment actually started yesterday morning. My sister had requested a piece similar to Experiment #3, so I thought I would try a variation: this time I would create a "base fabric" of collaged, felted silk, and then play off that with some flowers and vintage blocks.

What I didn't realize was the power of habit...put a pile of fabrics and a machine in front of me, and I will start crazy piecing. And that is essentially what happened here, only instead of sewing my patches in the usual way, I felted them on one by one. This created the frame for my mandala-esque collage.

This time I used a vintage hankie as well as one of my own printed flower mandalas along with the cut out flowers from commercial fabrics. Then I added the Grandma's Flower Garden blocks. All of these elements were machine appliqued on.

Bringing me to this I have pinned some rickrack along the edge of the hankie.

I didn't have the lace I wanted to give me a white scalloped edge against the rickrack, so I decided to mimic it with silk ribbon detached chain stitch. I will add to this later.

I didn't want to machine quilt over my felted silk...but it isn't exactly stable and could eventually pull I thought it would be fun to at least allude to crazy quilting by emphasizing the edges of the patches with hand-stitching.
I just used herringbone throughout the piece for two reasons: one was I wanted a kind of consistent, overall look to keep the frame in the background; the other reason was that if I used only herringbone, I could work fast, not having to make any stitch decisions. Speed CQing!!
Allowing the edges of the patches to stay ragged was really different for me. It almost felt like I was working with torn paper instead of fabric. Weird, but fun.

Which brings me to this stopping point (It is a nice day and I just have to get outside.)
I'm not sure what will happen next...!!!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

A whole new art form and means of self expression - I like it, and look forward to more! the torn paper look is great. Enjoy outside - it is tree leafing out season here, and flowers blooming.

Cat said...

I am screaming with excitment at the way your art is going! You know I LOVE new ways for the old crazy quilt!!!

Keep it up - you are on the leading edge of creativity!

Barbara C said...

I can't decide what element I like best. Crazy patching with felted silk is inspired, and your silk ribbon "lace" is great. You are definitely in the zone these days.

Bethel of Bethania said...

Wooh I'm blown away ... an embellisher goodness where have I been ... this piece it so beautiful ... what do you guys say 'I'm gobsmacked'? here in Oz I'm saying 'Bloody Beaut Mate' truly outta this world. Cat thanks for sending me over to Allie's place.

Sandra said...

Very nice! And so interesting...
Looks like you're having lots of fun!

Judy S. said...

How very fun! Your sister should love this!

Unknown said...

your sister already does love this!!!!

Ira said...

Beautiful work. Great texture.
It's new line in CQ

Threadspider said...

Not only is this truly original and very beautiful, but intriguing. Felted silk? How does that happen?

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Allie, you beat me to it. When I bought my embellisher a few months ago,being a crazy quilter, I had to do a CQ block using the felting of fabrics together. I played around with a piece for my next book and it turned out really neat.It has been difficult not to reveal it but I will still keep it as a project piece and a chapter. Great minds huh? Felting is so much fun and I play every week on mine. Very freeing,much like CQ.

SewIknit2 said...

I nominated you as blog "which bring you inspiration and make you appreciate the blogosphere ! " If you wish to participate please nominate your choice of 10blogs and let them know.

I found your blog after I got interested in "felting" and can't wait to buy a machine embellisher! absolutely love following your progress and super tips too on the crazy patch - mach embellish I must remember that!

Southern Lady said...

Oh, that is so pretty.