Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Many thanks to my friends Sonji, LinMoon, Elizabeth, and Pat Winter who tagged me for the Thinking Blogger Award...I appreciate this honor friends! When tagged we are supposed to post five blogs that inspire us and make us think, blogs we read regularly.

So many of the blogs I read are by people I now consider good friends...and there is no way I want to leave anybody out here! So I thought I would just draw attention to three blogs that I really like that maybe aren't so textile related.

Mindtracks is Sharon Boggon's blog for her students in her university class on internet literacy for designers and art students. She has to stay up on the cutting edge of the evolution of social software, design programs, and issues pertaining to digital culture, among other things . An example of a typical post is her recent link to a new online academic journal, Digital Humanities Quarterly.
I often direct cool finds like this to my son Max, who is a Computer Engineering student at the University of Washington. He liked the article on "Interpretative Quests in Theory and Pedagogy"--it's about game quests--and said he converted it to an MP3 and is listening to it on his Zen Mp3 player...
Reading Sharon's blog actually helps me sound at least minimally "with it" to Max....another good reason for his old mom to read it!

Arts and Letters Daily a service of the Chronicle of Higher Education, is one of those compilers of interesting articles on philosophy, aesthetics, literature, language, ideas, criticism, culture, history, music, art, trends, breakthroughs...oh, and disputes and gossip. There is a fantastic sidebar with links to all sorts of terrific publications. I found a great article here about those nutcases who create the cartoons for the New Yorker magazine...and how they put together a book called The Rejection Collection: Cartoons You Never Saw, or Will See, in the New Yorker. Good sick fun for us New Yorker cartoon fans!

BibliOdyssey is the creation of a fellow named Paul from Sydney, Australia...he comes up with the most obscure graphic images I have ever seen...I wrote to him asking how to find all the different flower posts in his archives and he sent me this terrific link to all the posts that have floral tags. Really helpful...he must be one interesting guy. (This link could keep you flower lovers busy for hours and hours.)

I will tastefully refrain from listing any blogs that concern themselves with current events or politics...

All in all, I love the phenomenon that is blogging. It's a good thing!


Rian said...

Yep. A good thing.

Congrats to you! Your blog is always most informative and great eye candy too!

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Sorry Allie, I thought you were only tagged once besides me. Ooops!