Friday, April 20, 2007

Purple Velvet Border

I sewed on the purple velvet border this morning, and mitered the corners. It's not my favorite task, but mitered corners are classy so I did it!
Then as I was just about to start with putting the quilt "sandwich" together, I just had to go and hold some cording up to the edge between the border and the blocks...I used cording in the same way on "Crazy for Flowers" and so had to see how it would look here.
So now I just have to add the cording because it looks good!
But it is so nice outside that I am headed to the garden, while the sun decides to shine for once!

I decided to go with the same technique of fusing the interfacing onto the border strips to fill them out thickness wise. For some reason it did not stay fused very well,...maybe it can't get hot enough on the I ended up catching just the edge of the interfacing in my seam line.

Here is some of Vicki Day's yummy cording going on. That is Victoria Brown's lovely block showing.
To see all the blocks individually, click here.
Marty asked if other contributers to this project have blogs or sites, and a few of the ladies do:
Willa Fuller, Stephanie Novatski, Judith Green, and Victoria Brown have sites. (Vickie Brown's is her online store, RibbonSmyth.) If other of the ArtBraLadies have blogs or sites, I would sure like to know about it! ;-)


Deb Hardman said...

It is looking so lush & rich! Just beautiful! You are the best crazy quilter ever!

annetteb said...

Absolutely stunning, I'm very envious, thanks your site is a credit to you. Thanks for sharing.Annette

piney cq said...

Thank you SEWWW much for putting this beauty together for us, Allie!!! Wow!!!! It's awesome!!! I had posted some pics of the blocks I did as well on my blog. Thank you again!