Friday, April 6, 2007

"H"...Sewn On

Thank you so much for your sweet comments about the slide show....!!!

Well, as carefully as I could with respect to keeping everything straight, square, and properly centered, I finished attaching the center block with my "H" in it to the Fan Quilt. I am so happy with the looks to me like it was truly meant to be there all along.

H himself would love this!


Rian said...

It's perfect. Uncle H would be proud.

Debra Dixon said...

My previous last name started with an H! makes me think of it every time I see the block. I would have loved it back then but now we do the S thing!

Great solution to your center medallion puzzle!

Marty52 said...

Absolutely freakin' poifect!

Barbara C said...

It does indeed look like you'd planned it all along. When things "click" like that, it was meant to be.

BöskeZ said...

Perfect! Great effect and it has to be just liket that!