Saturday, March 8, 2014

QNNtv....and me!

I well remember, when I was asked as a girl what I wanted to be when I grew up, what my answer was:  "Something where working and playing are the same thing..."

My time filming 3-D Flower Embellishments with host Jodie Davis on QNNtv sure fit that criteria.  What a blast!  And we were so productive!
The first of three episodes has just gone live; you can view the free preview here.

QNNtv has a very reasonable subscription price to give you access to so many great TV shows.  My co-author Val Bothell has a 3 segment episode too, and the timely project is a crazy quilted Easter Egg.  Her preview is here, and her blogpost about it is here.  It is awesome.

Here are a few photos from my play/work on the show last summer.

This painted lace bouquet quilt was my teaching sample for one of the techniques I demonstrated, putting color onto lace and then making 3 D flowers out of it.

Here are Jodie and I on set.  The crew was great, and Jodie is the ultimate hostess...she made me feel so comfortable and at home.

Of course, while  I was in Denver I had to make a couple of field to a very cool craft and sewing store named the Fancy Tiger

Also, I went to nearby Golden to finally visit the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, something I've long wanted to do.

There was a great exhibit of quilts by Pat Holly, whose work I admire so much. (Click here to see a few more of her small quilts.)

This is Flight of Fancy, 20" X 24", 2001.

Jodie and I are great friends and you can tell when you watch our show.  Thanks, Jodie, so much!


Susan Elliott said...

WOOT, WOOT!!! Way to go Allie! There's no one I'd rather watch on QNNTV than you What a fun and fabulous time you're having. I'm thinking of you today so I'm signing off to send you an email...

Gaye said...

Can't wait to watch! Your work is so inspiring.

Judy S. said...

Sounds like you got your wish! Congrats!

Unknown said...

While I reviewed the show after it was edited I got all warm and fuzzy remembering our great time together. Maybe a little teary too. Just a little. Yes, we are both lucky that life and work are the same thing, and even luckier that life and work brought us together. Thank you quilting for my precious friend Allie who is as beautiful as her quilts!