Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Layers of Hope Quilting 9/11...time to get to work!

In response to the terrible mudslide tragedy in my home state of Washington, I'll be making a quilt for someone who needs it, via this wonderful effort by QuiltingGranny.

The information on her blog is here:

I'll blog about it too.  Going to get to work on it today!


Judy S. said...

That sure was awful, wasn't it, and it's no where near resolved. Our choir is singing a Requiem as part of a concert on Sunday and dedicating it in memory of the victims. It's such a sad reminder of the power of nature.

Sew This N That said...

Wow my friend how on earth did you throw that together so fast? I am in awe! Such a beautiful design and for a great cause. Well done :) oh what i would give for a sweet 16 handi quilter :)