Saturday, November 5, 2011

Off to the Victorian Stitchery Retreat

I am thrilled to be leaving for Wichita tomorrow to teach "Curved Crazy 'Piecing'" and also "Home Portraits" at the Victorian Stitchery Retreat.  The conference will be held at the restored Hotel at Old Town which looks so cool and inviting.
It will be great to see old friends and meet new ones, enjoy the company of my fellow teachers, and generally stitch like mad for the next four days.

I prepared a new Home Portrait myself to demo and work on alongside my students.

There is a special reason for using a border of antique quilt blocks....I'll tell you about it later.  But they fit the Red Guest House at my cousins' ranch in New Mexico pretty well, don't you think?

I did manage to add a few more (crucial) details to "Hummer's Joy" after we got home from Mexico.  It just felt like something was missing to me.

It needed more dimensional work.  I don't know why, but it did, especially that daisy in the upper right.  I added some oya to the center of the flower bouquet, too.

It sure looked different here at home when we got back from Mexico!

Fall really fell.
I wonder if it will be winter when I get back!

Happy Stitching til then.....


Anonymous said...

The antique quilt blocks tone beautifully with the picture. Looking forward to seeing where you take them.

Deb Hardman said...

Hummer's Joy is beautiful, & joyful to look at!

I love the antique blocks. The frabric in them are my favorite era of antique fabrics. Yours look like they are in better shape than most of the similar ones that I have.

Have fun at your retreat!

Marjolein said...

I especially like the orange/yellow flowerspray at the lower left. Did you embroider them?

Elizabeth said...

Your new house portrait is fabulous with the vintage blocks and Hummer Joy simply Sings!!!
If we still lived in Stillwater OK I could be in Wichita in 2 hours- darn!!!

An engineer’s Sewing Life said...

Hummer's Joy is very beautiful. The home portrait has a unique look with the antique border.

FredaB said...

Have a great time Allie - teach and enjoy yourself. Say hi to anyone Imight know and have a safe trip. Wish I could be there also.



Barbara C said...

The antique blocks are perfect for the red house, and i't nice to put these old bits to use in a new piece. Your hummingbird piece is more gorgeous than ever. The dimensional elements add a realistic feel.

busyascanbe said...

These are beautiful! So glad I found your blog!