Sunday, November 27, 2011

CQ Strips....continued

We came back last night from a lovely Thanksgiving down in Warner Springs, California.  Today I just had to sew the CQ Strips project together. This measures 22" X 24" and really will make a great pillow.

I could spend months doing variations on this theme and technique!  It is like my Bars and Stripes from last fall (which I sleep under and love every single day.)

I did want to mention that the Mark Quilts are all finished and were given over to Lee, her daughters Ashley and Madison, and her father Don over Thanksgiving.  (Lee will bring Manny's to him...Manny is Mark's dad.)  It was a private affair so I didn't take any pictures...but I will say they were very, very happy with their quilts, and I was so glad to be able to make them.

I have one more trip before the holidays get underway: Thursday I'm off to Newark to shoot an episode of Quilt Out Loud with Jodie Davis and Mark Lipinski of QNN-TV.  It is going to be very wild and fun, full of surprises I have no doubt.  I hope they'll let me blog about my experience!  Wish me luck that I am not too dorky.....    ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh, your CQ Strips will be such a beautiful pillow!! I have always loved lace and denim together and adding CQ in the mix is just 'over the top'. Be still my heart!!!

JoWynn Johns said...

I'm not sure I wish you luck in not being dorky. Dorky is lovable.

Leeann said...

Of course you won't be dorky! I remember listening to your radio interview with Mark and he loves your work (and you!) So he will look after you!
Happy that you have given the memorial quilts to the Marks family, they will treasure them I'm sure.

Judy S. said...

Very pretty, Allie. You could never ever be dorky!!! They're just lucky to have you.