Friday, July 15, 2011

New Project: "Matt's House"

I'll be teaching a class in "Home Portraits" at the Victorian Stitchery Retreat in Wichita, Kansas this coming November.  If you look at the sidebar of my blog here and click on "Barbara's Door", "Meg's House", and "Landscape Embellishment" you will find examples of some home portraits I've done in the past.

I want to have a new one to use as a class sample so will be working on a portrait of my brother Matt's house down in L.A.

Here are the threads I pulled to embroider the photo-on-fabric with, all ready to go.
It's good that this is a small and portable project, as I am off to Michigan this evening for a nice long stretch!

My dear neighbor there, Binki, has WiFi that she lets me use, but I won't be online much for the next week and a half.
So I'll see you when I get back!

...enjoy the blissful summertime......  ;-)


Summerset said...

Have a great time!

Debra Dixon said...


Barbara C said...

Enjoy your trip. Your Rainy Spring piece is just luminous. So lovely!

Elizabeth said...

HAve a wonderful time Allie!! My daughter and I are off to Cape Cod for ten days, on Monday!!! Can't wait to get to the beach!!!!happy stitching!! I am going to get my projects ready to go tomorrow - must never go anywhere without a stitching project!!!! Hugs!