Friday, May 20, 2011

Rose Window...tweaked!

You how know when you look at a digital thumbnail picture of a project, you can "see" what needs to be fixed?
Well, the white center of my Rose Window looked a little "blank" in the thumbnail, so I decided to outline the petals in the crochet work of the center doily.

I used Aurofil #12 cotton and just wrapped the outline.

It's kind of subtle but I think it "reads" a little better.
The doily itself wasn't perfectly round, which kind of bugs me, but what can you do?
Now if that trim for the binding would just get here!

It is this one, designed by Laura Foster Nicholson. I like the idea of having lots of detail all the way out to the least, I think I do.....


Anonymous said...

The design is lovely and outlining the central flower was just right. Not surprised you can't wait for the trim - it's amazing!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. Totally agree that the outlining makes it.

If you have a piece of crochet that is out of shape, don't forget that you can pin it out, mist it with water, and leave to dry (just don't drown it). It should then hold that correct shape when unpinned and be ready to use.

Jacqui (in Auckland New Zealand)

Susan Elliott said...

Oh yes! Perfect tweak and now it reads even more beautifully. And that LFN ribbon is GAW-jus!!

Anonymous said...

I love it and can't wait to see that binding on it.

Elizabeth said...

How gloriously ahppy!! the colors are amazing and I would be excited about that trim as well!!! I am really loving your book Allie. Trying hard to find time and space to clear off the sewing table to get to some pieceing- Too many irons in the fire and too many projects that I want to do RIGHT NOW!!!!
BTW Love our hair cut!!! You look so chic!! glad that you met up with Liz Kettle- !! she is a doll!!!
You so inspire me with your mixing up of old and new!!!!

Pamela Kellogg said...

Here we go again Allie! Another beautiful project of yours!!! Just gorgeous!

FredaB said...

That looks really good. I went back and looked at the before pic and must agree that it makes the centre stand out more.

Great thinking.