Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Project: "Rainy Spring"

Really, what else could I be stitching about right now?

All is quite green and the intrepid flowers are trying to grow, but we have had precious little sun in April or May, and it has been quite cold.
A nice day, a really good day, looks like this:

At least there is some blue in that sky!

It seems like most years I make a spring quilt; this year's will be informed by the weather, and the mixed blessing of luscious greens and too-cool days we are having here in the Northwest.

I started out with my trusty AccuQuilt to cut out my foundation blocks.

These are 6 1/2" square, made out of some old white curtains!
I also needed some fan shapes, and the Drunkard's Path die is perfect for them.

Truly, this machine saves me so much grief. Not to mention time.

First I pieced my windy cloudy sky. For those of you who know my book, I used the Curved Edge Foundation Piecing method on page 30.

These pieces are all pretty tiny. This center section will measure 18" X 18".
Those curved white shapes represent the clouds. What a great time to use my lace stash!

This is but a tiny corner of it... ;-)
I've started with the four corners.

Of course some of M & S Schmalberg's flowers found their way there. Did you know you can order the petal componets from them now? Look here.

These lace collages were very fun to make.

I used a fine white thread in the bobbin and clear monofilament thread in the top.

The sewing was very easy. Appliqueing these shapes onto the blue pieced blocks should be fairly simple too. Then I can add some white embroidery to them.

So far, the whole thing pinned up on the design wall looks like this:

Those smaller white shapes will have lace collages on them as well.
Then I have a very large pile of brilliant green fabrics to piece...

I can't tell you how good it feels to be diving into a new, longer-term project!


Maureen said...

Lace is right up there with chocolate for me. Your new project is going to be stunning.

Sue Reno said...

A beautiful start, I love the colors and the use of lace. It's been unusually rainy here in PA all spring as well, until the last few days, when it is suddenly summer. I look forward to seeing this quilt develop.

Debra Dixon said...

We've had 1" of rain this year. It is unbelievably dry and the National Forest is on fire across the highway from where I live. I wish we could equal out the rain between us.

Great start on your new piece!

Summerset said...

Oh, lovely, blues and whites. It has been rainy here too, we've just had a nice bit of sunshine.

Susan Elliott said...

Anchors Aweigh!! I, for one, am delighted to be setting sail with you on another CQ! I'll be the mate that blows hot air into your sails should there be no wind!!

Love the lace and the blues!! And I know the greens will be stunning. The good thing about looking at your garden on gray days, is that the saturation of the colors is much deeper...so, I suppose there is ONE plus side to such a rainy spring. We're dying in the heat right now!

Plus, I think it's SO cool that you can use that Accuquilt to cut some of your foundation pieces. That might make that thing worthwhile but no...I am resisting...How is it on cutting silk? no..I am resisting...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do next!!!!

Jean said...

I feel like we are right there with you! Utah has had the most rain in the history of Utah (since they have been recording) Over 5 inches in May alone! You would think that I was back home in Oregon/Washington.
Your quilt will be great I'm sure... love the fact that your using all those lace pieces... like
Maureen lace is just like chocolate! Pretty and yummy too! LoL!

Rian said...

Oh boy, what fun! I hope you get some blue skies soon to match that blue in your quilt!

Julie said...

Hi - hope things are going well for you and your family. Thanks for the tip on the components for the flowers! Cool! We sure need your rain terribly - send it our way!
Congrats on your book.

Judy S. said...

Very fun, Allie. Glad to hear there's blue skies even a few somewhere in our state...we have lots of grey clouds. The poor plants are so far behind.....

Anonymous said...

Very nice love all the lace can't wait to see what's next.

Arlene Delloro said...

You are so fast you are positively intimidating!

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