Friday, October 16, 2009

Vintage CQ...Charted!

My friend Maureen Greason has brilliantly drawn up a chart for the Vintage CQ, full size (but showing a quarter of the quilt). Now I can truly start thinking about the wheel blocks in context.

Some of you may remember I had a go at making the blocks that surround the center section this past summer. You can see them here. And while the blocks are kind of fun, they are too boisterous for this quilt. So though I am back to the drawing board, Maureen's chart is going to make it much easier to visualize my next attempt.

I pinned a few of the flower blocks in place so you can see them in context.
The quilt will finish out at 52'' X 67''.
Didn't Maureen do a spectacular job?

She makes charts for her crazy quilts, too. You can see her current project's chart here.
We are both participating in the 2012 Challenge on one of the crazy quilt make a large crazy quilt by then for an exhibition...and I believe this one of mine is going to take that long!

A technically savvy sane quilter would make decently short work of that border, using strip piecing or templates. I have a feeling I'll be machine appliqueing it onto a whole cloth foundation. More control for me that way; I am just not an accurate of all the quilt's components will be tricky in the end, too.

I only got a start on Floral #21 this week...

Thelma Bradshaw's concept was to use threadpainting to fill in some tatted flowers she had made. I didn't have anything quite like that, so am using some lace flowers as my base.
My threadpainting is strictly of beginner caliber...but it is fun to try!

So thanks again, Maureen, for the fantastic help with this quilt.
She has a wonderful web business for embellishers and quilters called Maureen's Vintage Acquisitions. Her taste is exquisite and I love absolutely everything she carries. Pay her a visit!


Conni said...

I came right here from Facebook. I love the new design for your quilt - can't wait to see those intriguing borders in fabric! And thanks for the link to Maureen's store. Delectable stuff!

Rian said...

This is going to be an extraordinary work of art that will be admired (and cause jaws to drop!) for generations to come.

Kay said...

It's been a while since you posted more than one block together, and they truly set each other off. I bet you enjoyed seeing them that way too. I[''m sure you'll meet the technical challenges. You always do.

qwerty said...

I'm so glad you've decided to go with a different format for your flower blocks, and I agree that this chart looks spectacular! Maureen really has a knack for block placement and borders!!

I think this more 'airy', open format will really show off your beautiful flowers. Sure, it's lots more work to 'go back to drawing board', but your intricate stitching will be shown off to best advantage.

Love the lace flowers, that's a wonderful idea!

Kerri said...

Wow! That is really a cool chart. I may need to try that for my CQ, if I ever get it really started. I keep starting over on it. I love the border and am looking forward to seeing how you attack it. As always, I so enjoy watching what you do.

Judy S. said...

Your flower CQ is going to be a fabulous quilt when it's done, Allie. I love your latest embellished lace. It sure gives the lace a bit of pizzazz!

Sandra said...

Charting looks like a great idea for a larger piece. Your design will is beautiful.

Barbara C said...

Hi Allie, It's exciting to see the full context of the floral blocks. That border looks pretty daunting, but of course it's going to be gorgeous. I curious to see what you decide to do with the middle section.

Your poppy block is really stunning.

Summerset said...

Beautiful technique on the newest flower - different, but pretty result.

Robin said...

Both chart (very helpful idea!) and your thread painting look good to me.

BTW, what's happened to the quilt you were designing for your sister? Ooops, is that a secret? Hope not.

Do you work on multiple projects at once or tend to see one through before starting the next?

Susan Elliott said...

Yes indeed! Maureen is ONE talented you know if she mapped out the quilt on a computer or did she do it freehand? Seeing your four beautiful blocks laid on the grid is just a delight to behold...I can really see how magnificent this quilt is going to become as you unveil it over time.

Regina Coeli said...

Hello Allie,
Y am brasilian and y love QUILT, CRAZY.
Your WORK and your BLOG are very beautiful,fabulous!!!

Thelma said...

Wow! Maureen done an awesome job with the mapping. I got to try this out. What a neat idea on using the lace flowers to stitch on, I hadn't thought of that. Can't wait to see it finished.

Deb Hardman said...

Thanks for the link to Maureen! Wow, what a treasure. I love how you have the quilt planned. very nice to see how it will come together. I love how the blocks come togehter to create the circles. The secondary pattern is wonderful!

I'm really ready to just go crazy!!