Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vintage CQ...Flower #14

This was a quick one!
The little metal roses were glued onto the block using E6000. Then I just added some straight, stem, and ribbon leaf stitches and it was done.

This will be all from me for a few days....

I am off to Lincoln, Nebraska tonight for my first board meeting of the Alliance for American Quilts. It will be held at the International Quilt Study Center on the University of Nebraska campus, and I am thrilled to be going. Not only will I get to meet my very fine fellow board members, but it just so happens that the IQSC is currently showing a great exhibit of crazy quilts.
Just down the street from our hotel is the Nebraska History Museum, and they too are showing crazy quilts this summer. I feel quite lucky!

So it is off to the great Heartland for me....back this week-end.

Happy Stitching, everyone!...

P.S. All the information about the Alliance's Crazy for Quilts contest is now up on their website. The link to the gallery for voting (and you can vote if you are a member; I do encourage you to join!), the auction dates...everything you want to know is there. Enjoy!


Vicki W said...

What a sweet block! Have a great trip!

Unknown said...

Do tell more about the little metal roses. Where did you find them? What fun to see the crazy quilts in Nebraska!

Judy S. said...

Safe travels, Allie. Your newest block is very nice!

Kerri Murphy said...

Hey Allie,

Midwestern People are really very nice people. You will love their warmth. I miss them so very much. I wish I could come and see the quilts too. I knew they were there. Stuff always seems to get in the way. Have loads of fun.


Summerset said...

Very cute - great use of those roses.

My family is from that area, so I've been to Lincoln many times. Enjoy the trip, I'm sure you'll be inspired!

Carin said...

You do such fantastic blocks!

Enjoy your trip.

qwerty said...

Wow, for such a simple block it packs a punch! The design is very effective.

Have fun in Lincoln!!

FredaB said...

Hi Allie

I haven't joined yet but will go and do that so I can vote.

I have never been to Lincoln but Sue has a friend, both husband and wife are professors there.

Get some good pics for the rest of us.



Patricia said...

Those roses are beautiful, can't believe they're made of metal.
Have a great trip and enjoy!
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Susan Elliott said...

I just toured all the quilts and there were many fun ones, weren't there? I really loved the black/white and the bright colors in yours -- the design from a thumbnail really pops the most, IMHO.

I also very much enjoyed the crazy cow! I think that's my second fave!