Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fan Blades...RickRack Completed with Podcasts' Help!

Well that was a pretty boring 6 more hours of sewing down rick rack. Luckily, on her Mindtracks blog Sharon B posted a link to some very interesting podcasts put out there by MIT. Besides being an excellent stitcher and design teacher, Sharon is also interested in the outer reaches of what is happening in social software--that is, how people are using the internet for ever evolving ways of interacting with each other--alerting her art students at Australian National University in Canberra to what she discovers.
It's nice to have some academicians amongst us! The interesting podcasts made this job go faster.

Multiply this times three....

With some color adjustment here and there....

My pliers are always at hand...I needed them to yank on that needle to pull the rickrack through to the back.

Then I used a sewing thread to tack the rickrack down.

Then I sewed the rickrack down in the front using matching DMC thread.
Whew, I'm glad that's done!
Any more good podcast finds, Sharon? I still have those small fan blades to go.....

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Kay said...

I was actually thinking about how you handled the end of the rickrack-- I can see that would have been tough, but there's no other way, I guess.