Friday, August 31, 2007

Sequins and Fringe

I have a huge bag of the woven scraps and thrums (warp ends) from the weaver whose work I used in this bag. It is just a fabulous collection of strange fibers in great I decided to dig into that very large rat's nest and start creating a fringe element to help integrate those sequins.

Thanks for you comments, too...all opinions welcome! I have decided to keep the unadorned side of the bag "against the body" and just go for it on the one side.

Tying on the fringe has been so much fun...and when a project starts being fun again, then you know you are probably on the right track.

Have a look:

It's fun to use this stuff...most of it is boucle, which is hard to stitch with. But knotting it is great.

I'm developing little fringy areas....not going to cover the whole thing. I like the way the sequins peek out from under the fringe...and the fringe breaks up those too solid lines of sequins as well.

I'm not done yet, but am heading off to Seattle for today and tomorrow to help #1 son move from his summer sublet to the house he is renting with nine other engineering students for his senior year at U Dub.
That is going to be some zoo. (A well wired one, though.) My son's girlfriend has a single apartment and I have a feeling she is going to have a gentleman caller rather frequently!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

Those fringes do soften the effect of the sequins - so beautifully!! More interesting, too. I remember the "gentleman caller" days well - when my oldest was fresh out of law school and poor. The rented apartment (at his grandparents' expense) was never lived in, as his GF (who became his wife and mother of my Madeline and Julia) had a regular gentleman caller who kind of overstayed. I think the apartment rental was for "appearances," as his alleged partner and roommate did the same thing. Oh well. It never had to be cleaned.

Vicki W said...

I liked it with the sequins but the added fringe is excellent!

Gail said...

Allie, I loved the sequins but now with the fringe it is even better, it gives so much depth and texture, one just wants to play with it. Great job.

JoWynn Johns said...

My blog is at Parkview 616. Hope you'll stop by for a visit.

JoWynn Johns said...

O-o-ops, it's not a hot link. The URL is

Leonie said...

I like the fringing effect better now Allie. It gives more texture to the piece, softens the bling and compliments the woven fabrics. It's really taking on character now! BRAVO !