Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sample Block, More Added

I just can't leave well enough alone here...!
But I had the idea that I could use the little leftover scraps from piecing my Jump Start Fabric Pack block...I wanted to show a few things: that sane quilting techniques can be incorporated into crazy quilting, too; in this case, fusing and machine applique. Using the piecing fabrics this way adds additional harmony to the block. Trim can be treated like fabric, not just used in a line. And yes, you can add elements by machine, placing them between patches and over hand-work, too!
I think it is important for Newbies especially to get the message that anything and everything is fair game in crazy quilting.
I could keep going on the block but I really must stop!


Barbara C said...

The little applique bits are wonderful. I'm going to remember that embellishment for a furture project.

Threadspider said...

It looks really lovely with the flowers appliqu├ęd. Bet you want to add more beads too....go on, you know you want to : )

Possibilities, Etc. said...

Totally wonderful! Now it looks so "happy." What about some beads in that center patch of velvet? Uh oh. Have to stop somewhere and just start a new one. I have put that piece of pink ribbon on my needlepoint versions - twice!!

Clairee said...

Hi Allie:
If I was not already a CQ addict, this little demonstration would certainly start me down that trail!
What you've done with just a few pieces really shows how versatile and exciting this artform can be.
I, like someone else, have to restrain myself from saying - I want to buy *all* the sample packs. Your colour sense is so wonderful. I do so admire your work.