Friday, May 11, 2007

Garden Time!!!!

First I have to tell you about the best thing that has happened to me in years in the garden: a new deer fence! Those of you who have seen devastation arrive in the person of Bambi's mother, who have had all your hopeful buds decapitated, your dreams dashed--as I have, in my rose garden, for the last 15 years--will understand my euphoria at an effective and aesthetically acceptable solution to those 4 footed agents of despair.

My garden is behind a 6 foot retaining wall, terraced above my house. I never wanted to fence in the whole thing because it would wreck the view from the house, but this year I finally listened to my husband and fenced in the side the deer have had access to. The front, where the wall is, I left open because deer will not vault up into an area they can't see.

Here us a side view so you can see what I mean. You can't even see the black plastic mesh fence, but it works. There were two deer out there when I went out to take this picture!
But for areas that can't be fenced in, like my entryway, I've discovered this little product, which so far has been effective. It makes the air smell very stinky like rotten eggs for a few minutes, but it affects the taste of the plants for weeks. I cautiously recommend it.

Nothing ruins my ladylike use of language like those $#%^&*()#$%^ deer.

So the rose garden, now deemed "Allie's Playpen", is my territory. Robert is in charge of PRODUCTION, and grows the food in his garden, and a few things for me. He is a much better gardener than I am so I do not mess with his plot, except to do menial chores at his direction. When I am feeling nice.

His blank slate, newly tilled two days ago. Those are last year's uneaten leeks in the upper left corner.

I scanned his plan so you could see what he thinks about what I want him to grow for me...he would much rather grow corn, as you can also see.

A friend of mine from Point Bonita is a seed physiologist for one of the biggest commercial seed growers in the world. When she is done testing the seed they are by law supposed to dispose of the leftovers. She brought 4 giant boxes filled with seed with her to Point Bonita last January so I partook mightily of her offer to take whatever I wanted. These are what will go in my section of Robert's an experiment: we are just going to sow them like wildflowers. We'll see what comes up.

There are never enough flowers, we know this!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

Looks like paradise!! I have used the liquid deer fence myself - right smack in the middle of Austin we have deer - Bambi and his twin sister are as bad as their mom. This stuff also repels squirrels, which do as much damage digging in my flower beds as the deer do eating. I sprayed all around the tree trunks like a mad woman and then sat and watched their confusion. hehehe

Possibilities, Etc. said...

as for the flowers - they soothe the spirit and feed the soul!!

Kathy Morrow said...

Your place is sooooooooo beautiful. I am soooooooo envious!!

I have to thank you for the tutorial on finishing off a CQ. I have done some blocks, that you have kindly commented on (thanks so much), but I am now in the process of making a four block 25th anniversary wall hanging. It will be the first I have finished from A-Z. I was in despair of how to finish it, and NONE of my many books were of any help. Your tutorial was a GODSEND!

A question about the fusible backing. I have sewn all my life, but really don't have a clear idea of what you are talking about. I have searched several websites and found Easy-Knit Fusible Tricot Interfacing at JoAnn's. Is this what you mean?

Thanks, I so appreciate your input. By the way, I am rooting for you in the Challenge!!

Kathy Morrow

allie aller said...

Glad to be of service, Kathy, on that tutorial.
Yes, the interfacing you named from JoAnn's is exactly what I use.
And thanks for the support in the $100K Challenge!

Karen 's World said...

So true! You can never have enough flowers. I'm thinking about planting more this weekend!

Barbara C said...

I love that garden plan. Your landscape designer has a sense of humor.

Debra Dixon said...

My dad liberally sprinkles shaved Irish Spring soap all around his roses and the deer leave them alone.

Granny Fran said...

It might keep skunks from digging in my veggies but I probably wouldn't want to eat the stinky food. Hubby's garden looks wonderful (gardeners love to look at good dirt, er, soil.) Those flowers look good enough to eat; tell Hubby. Your deer fence is great because it doesn't block your view. Hubby's can be handy guys to have around.

Rian said...

That bottom picture oughtta be made into fabric!

Those deer--so lovely--until you have to deal with them.

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

LOL! Allie, when I saw the first photo I thought it was a photo on Aida cloth and you were doing a new experiment. How peaceful your garden looks. Yeah! for the deer fence! Enjoy sowing your seeds.

BöskeZ said...

Your garden is fantastic!
what a view!
Seeds to have more floral on your fabrics,isn't it? ;o)

Magpie Sue said...

How fun! You lucky girl! (all those seed packets) If hubby ever gets bored send him and his rototiller up my way. I'd love to have a soft place to plant seeds or seedlings ;- )

Robin said...

So, now, after a little time has passed, how are you liking the liquid deer spray? I have the same problem... Last year, one night, they ate every single leaf off of my lovely (and meaningful) wedding present rhodedendron. About half of it has made new leaves this spring. Do you think I should get and try the spray?

Mowers Brisbane said...

wow! your garden looks very gorgeous.I think you have spend lots of time in shaping it. Hope you succeed in your flower growing.