Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sharon B's CQ Stencils

They have finally arrived!
Sharon Boggon has been feverishly working to fill the orders for her new set of crazy quilt stencils.  She designed them, had them manufactured, and created a very useful pair of PDF files that she e-delivers upon purchase of the stencils.

These stencils are so well thought out.  They give the maximum options for marking crazy quilt seam patterns and moitfs in any way you can devise, in four small 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" plastic squares, that have been laser cut for accuracy.

I've found that I prefer to mark my seams these days.  It just makes for much neater stitching.

So I've just begun to put them to work.

Here they are on a piece of wool so you can see them.  See all the great edges, petals, shapes, and swirls?

I put my two pdfs she sent on a thumb drive, brought them to my local printer, and had 2 sided color copies made on good paper, and then bound with protective covers.  I intend to get a lot of use out of Sharon's superbly presented ideas for using the templates.

I've tried out some simple edges on this border strip for my Broderie Perse CQ, and know already that these templates are going to keep me company all summer as I stitch on this large bedquilt.

Here is the link to Sharon's page where she presents her stencils and workbook in much greater detail, with instructions for how to order them.

I highly recommend them!  Thank you, Sharon!


Anonymous said...

I like your idea of printing the book out that way. I think I'll do the same. Even with Carole Samples' templates, I thought these would come in handy. Love the curved parts, especially, and 4 is easier to keep track of ... maybe. LOL

Mosaic Magpie said...

That is a great idea to print and bind the book!

FredaB said...

Hi Allie

I had just heard of sharon's stencils in the past couple of weeks. I went on and ordered a set when she gets them in. Will be happy stitching time again.


FredaB said...

Meant to say that is a great idea making the book. I think I will do that.


floozina said...

I too printed out the books and had them bound - much easier to have a print version in front of you than having either to take a computer to the sewing or the sewing to the computer.

I am enjoying finding different ways to use the stencils although Sharon seems to have covered almost everything. I think they are fantastic.

Unknown said...

I got mine just before I had to finish a piece for a friend. LOVE THEM! I also love the idea about binding the books. Guess where I am heading this Friday???

DH said...

I also want to get the instructions printed but the copy store told me they are not able to copy it if it is copyrighted. Do you know how I can get it done since it is copyrighted? I am also sending a note to Sharon. Thank you! Dawn