Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Max and Esther....Finished!

My wall-hanging of them, that is.  Those two are just getting started on a lifetime together....!

After I finished framing the photo with embellishments and lettering, it was time to quilt the image on my Handi Qiuilter Sweet 16.  I prepared it for quilting by spray basting two layers of drapery lining cotton into place behind it on the back of the top.

That was simple enough!  No pinning needed....

I used a yellow thread for quilting and then added some colored pencil to the background.

I just wanted the figures to stand out from the background a little bit more. And they were definitely glowing that day....

For the binding, I did what I often do: iron trim along its length and take advantage of its finished edges and pretty weave. It was easy to zigzag it in place with clear thread in both the top and the bobbin (so it wouldn't show on the back.)
Finally, I couched some cording along the inside edge of the binding.

I did have fun with those felt flowers from Custom Fabric Flowers. I teach the velvet/silk ribbon flower in my Craftsy class!

Here is the whole piece...

It's actually squarer than it know how the camera bends the edges...  ;-)
It measures 14.5" X 17.5".

It was a joy to make it is on to the Ringbearer's Pillow!


Marty52 said...

Love this Allie... they look REALLY happy. Stunning work as always!

Vicki W said...

It's fabulous!

FredaB said...

This is a labour of love Allie.


Anonymous said...

What a lucky couple to have such a beautiful keepsake. Your work is incredibly beautiful!