Monday, June 25, 2012

My Alliance Quilts

The Alliance for American Quilts--soon to change its name to The Quilt Alliance to reflect its growing international role--is currently hosting its annual quilt contest/fundraiser, "Home is Where the Quilt Is".
The contest quilts this year are truly extraordinary in have a look at them here!

I've had the pleasure of creating quilts for this annual contest for the past five years, and thought it would be fun to show them all together here.  They all measure 16" X 16" except the last one, which is 15" X 19".

"The Home in the Garden" 

"Ode to Tamar"
 "Garden Lace"
"Granddaughter's Flower Garden"

"Soil and Sky"
 "Washougal Valley View"

Membership in the Alliance is only $25, and every penny is used to support its mission of documenting, preserving, and sharing quilts and the stories of their makers.  You can join here, and as a member, you can vote on this year's contest quilts too!  But you only have until June 28th for the voting...

All the quilts will be auctioned off on Ebay this fall, so look them over and start thinking about which ones you are going to bid on...and thank you for your support!


Jean C. said...

They are lovely... what can I say, you never disappoint! I enjoy looking at all your beautiful work.
We were up close to your neck of the woods last week... In Portland and then to Eugene to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary. Then we took off to the coast for a few days. What can I say.... nothing but Heaven! From the tree's and the ocean... heavy sigh.... Always a pleasure that's for sure! Lots greener then parts of Utah that's for sure!
The colors on your entries are always so soothing. Keep up the good work!

Barbara C said...

It's nice to see all these pieces together. They have a harmonious feeling even though the themes have changed. I still love those little carrot embellishments: so clever!

Gerry Krueger said...

Love them all and I really treasure the Grandmother Flower Garden which is mine all mine... Gerry..

Anna said...

Your exuberant love of color stands out in all your pieces! Thanks for sharing what you've done over the years for this fundraiser.
I'm thinking that I need to purchase a membership:)

Judy S. said...

I could never choose a favorite. They are ALL gorgeous!

NickiLee said...

Hi Allie, Thanks for sharing all those beautiful little quilts. I never tire of looking at the pretties you create and would seriously have a hard time picking out my favorite of yours.