Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nine Patch with Renaissance Ribbons

I've bought their ribbon and trim for years, so you can imagine how much I have enjoyed working with a whole array of treasures from Renaissance Ribbons this past week. Using my pattern, "Pretty Crazy", I've been making a 9 block quilt showcasing their ribbon and trim for them to use in their booth at trade shows.

Here's the pattern, to refresh your memory if you've seen it before:

This pattern totally lends itself to showcasing anyone's trim, ribbon, and lace collections too, but I didn't use lace this time around.

The head of the company, a lovely woman named Edith, and I decided on a pink/orange palette for the ribbon; I chose purple and blue fabrics to set them off.

After tracing my block's design onto muslin foundation, I cut out all the patch shapes and laid them out.

Because I wanted to give the illusion of curved piecing, I ironed the trims into gentle arcs before laying them in place.  A spray bottle helped, as the jacqard woven trims are kind of dense.

It was a blast picking out the trims and pinning them into place, tucking under the ends so that there were no raw edges anywhere. 
Then it was a quick matter to sew these down with a clear thread in a zig zag stitch (such a forgiving way to sew, isn't it?)

Truly, each block might take 10 to 15 minutes to sew down, after you've laid it out.

Then I just trimmed them up, zig zagged the edges....

and voila!  The blocks are ready to assemble.
I think I will add ribbon sashing and some simple hand embroidery here and there.  But seriously, this sewed up fast.
I'll bring this to Fabric Depot this coming Saturday, and will be teaching it at Northwest Quilters Expo in Portland on September 22.  My class will be hosted by Greenbaum's Quilted Forest of Salem, Oregon.

My next project is very personal and meaningful...honoring a recently deceased family member, a Superman named Mark Vasquez....you can read about this heroic and inspiring man here.  I'll be making five memorial quilts for Mark's wife, daughters, father, and father-in-law.  What an honor and privilege this will be.



Elizabeth said...

you sure did set those ribbons off to their very best effects!! They truly sing!!!! You area a wizzzzzzzzzzzz!!

grbev said...

What an honor you have to do these memorial pieces, Allie. As a former police officer's wife, I salute you for doing this and I pray that you will be guided with many ideas and Mark's spirit as you prepare these special gifts. Your work is so beautiful but not near as beautiful as you are. Hope to meet you some day.

Bev in Utah

Anonymous said...

Wow, the blocks really came together quickly and they look spectacular. I'm sure the family quilts will be even more lovely.

FredaB said...

Only you could make it look that easy. I like the way you always have a center theme even if it is just a different color block. Sets it off so nicely.

Great job and wish I could see it.