Monday, May 24, 2010

Punchneedle Ribbon Flower Class

My friend KT organized this class for her friends in honor of her recent birthday. It was a chance for the ladies to have a whole day together, learn something new, and enjoy being waited on by the great staff at Donato Enoteca in Redwood City, CA.
None of these ladies had never seen a punchneedle before but they got the hang of it, as you will see.

Here we are in the banquet room we took over for the event, with class well underway.

They worked hard, and only one of them said she would hurl her punchneedle out the car window on her way home. She spent the day happily embroidering instead.

But mostly they were excited by what they learned.

Wendy just went for it, sewing her flowers right onto the sweater she was wearing!

And Sarah put hers on a hair clip.

KT, the birthday girl, was quite happy with her sunflower.

And then there was Barbara.....

She was ALL FOCUS...

....except when she looked up to smile at you.
She's done a lot of different kinds of handwork over the years, and the timing was right for this to zap her pretty good.
She decided she wanted to embellish a crazy quilt...but she doesn't I'm going to piece the blocks for her and she'll have a ball completing them.

I went to her amazing home the day after class to see where this quilt was going to live and get a sense of the colors and design she wanted.

This is the view down into her bedroom. The 3' X 4' quilt will be draped over that handsome silk covered chair in the foreground.

This shows more of the room and gives you an idea of the colors I'll be working with.
It's going to be very fun collaborating with this enthusiastic, creative, and high energy gal.

It was a great week-end! Thanks so much, KT!


Judy S. said...

What's your favorite resource for punchneedle, Allie? I recently bought a pattern and only noticed after I got it home that it includes some punchneedle.

Debra Dixon said...

Spreading the CQ joy everywhere! What a fun idea for a birthday party!

XUE said...

That is amazingly looking bedroom! I think I can see a fireplace behind Barbara. Wow!

SEWButterfly said...

The ladies did an awesome job! I would love to learn punchneedle! I inherited 2 crates of the ribbon/yarn and punchneedles. ;D

Sandies' Patch said...

I've done punchneedle work a long time ago but, never used ribbon.
Would love to learn how to do that and wonder if there are any books or even suppliers of the equipment neede over here in the U.K?
I love the work your ladies produced!

Sandie xx

Susan Elliott said...

Happy Birthday KT! What a great idea and you were the perfect person to help her pull it off. Those flowers all look great but the lady who sewed them directly to her sweater steals my heart on this post. And since you love piecing, won't you just be delighted to piece blocks for a quilt? It just seems like you are having a great time. And I have no doubt they did too!

Summerset said...

Fun! Looks like a fabulous time.

Nellie's Needles said...

That's a fabulous idea ... set up a workshop for your friends to celebrate a big day.

Looks as though everyone had a good time and made good stuff!

Maureen said...

I'm so looking forward to April and meeting you. All those ladies have big smiles on their faces so I know you must be a great teacher and you have a wonderful personality that comes through on your blog.

FredaB said...

Allie it sure looks like the girls were really enjoying themselves with the punchneedle. What a nice birthday idea.