Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vintage CQ....Border Block by Block

I sure have been flying around lately! 4 trips in the last 6 it's been good to have portable stitching for all those airplane rides.
The Vintage CQ border blocks have fit the bill quite well.

I've put in enough work on the individual blocks that it was a surprise when I got them all up there on the design wall to see just how this project is starting to jell.

I thought I'd give a block by block tour here, starting from the upper left corner and going clockwise around the quilt...

Block 1. I added that wide red vintage ribbon in the upper part of the block, and the purple oya trim along the bottom. That's a very strange seam treatment on the middle right...sometimes I just let my imagination wander and come up with something weird. Whenever I look at it I will remember being in a cramped middle seat on a cross country flight....It looks cramped, doesn't it?

Block 2 has that big chunk of a truly vintage crazy quilt pieced into it. I added the floral trim and some big lazy daisy stitches...these are actually showing up all over on this quilt.

Some ombre ribbon, embroidered rickrack, a lace motif, and more lazy daisies were added to Block 3....That "AA" vintage tape was a very nice gift from Freda B awhile ago. I love sneaking it into all my quilts.

Block 4 has another one of the lace motifs that I scattered around the border. It's cut from some old lace that Cathy K sent to me last year. I love having reminders of my friends in my quilts! More of those variegated lazy daisies are here, too. Nice big fat stitches.

Block 5 has even bigger detached chain stitches, done in variegated blue knitting ribbon.

My friend Bev wrote to me that she thought the yellow triangular patch on the bottom left of Block 6 here stuck out too much, when viewed in the context of the overall quilt. She might be right, and I might lop off a little of it. Meanwhile, more lazy daisies...these white ones were worked in Aurofil #12 cotton thread which I LOVE.

Block 7 again has a big chunk of that old crazy quilt pieced into it. I think I will be leaving it alone and not adding to it in any way. But next to it some very large ombre ribbon detached chain stitches and the purple oya hopefully integrate the block a little. Another lace motif will tie it into the other border blocks as well.

Block 8 has my embroidered lucky clover that Conni J sent to me. AI LUVZ IT. (Conni and I are good LOLCat buddies, and we only talk in LOLspeak to each other.) This block is so busy that I am a little stymied as to how to "shape it" with the embellishments so I am letting it speak to me further before I add more.

Block 9 has that big piece of handwoven silk/wool that I bought in Varanasi, India 9 years ago. I so love that fabric.
Yet another lace motifs was added as well as another of those strange seam treatments which fortunately blends in with the orange patch it is on. I'm not snipping it off, though!

Block 10 received some more oya trim, embroidered rickrack, and giant lazy daisy stitches. The jacquard ribbon in the center of the block was from Betty P. I love having her here!
That embroidered white fabric was brought back from the Philippines by my grandparents over 60 years ago...

God Bless America! That's what Block 11 is about, and all the additions are to develop that little theme. Do note the cherries in the fabric next to George Washington! I added the star trim somewhere over Iowa....

Block 12 received two lace motifs and some timid little white stitching on the right. I need to punch this block up a bit.

Block 13 is one of my favorites. It has the Egyptian fabric my peripatetic grandparents brought home from Cairo a long, long time ago. That giant lazy daisy fan is new and I want to make a bunch more of them. The fifth and final of Cathy's lace motifs is here.

Block 14 has the blue plaid Millenium ribbon that Kathy S sent to me especially for this quilt. There are more big stitches added on the seams and a twisty ribbon as well.

All of the blocks are assuming their own personalities to me as I spend more time with them as individuals.
.....Yes, crazy quilting is a world unto itself, isn't it? Anthropomorphizing blocks, are we?


Gerry Krueger said...

What fun all these blocks are... Weilding a very large needle might get you more space from you seatmates on a plane...

Gerry K.

Teresa said...

These are beautiful! I am making a crazy quilt picture book for my grand daughter, incorporating fabric pictures of her. After viewing your work I have changed my mind and decided to make a wee quilt for her with the blocks. Thanks for the inspriration!

Maureen said...

This is going to look so much like a vintage crazy quilt. Great work!

Raspberry said...

ohhhh. Some of those vintage ribbons/fabrics have me drooling. Beautiful work. :)

Conni said...


Kay said...

Fabulous to hear about the history of all those fabrics and trims. What a varied collection you have! I'm glad you found a place for the millennium tartan.

Barbara C said...

Your blocks have so many interesting fabrics with sentimental stories attached. These make for a very special project.

Robin said...

I'm soooooooo glad you wrote a notice about this post on FB... Since I've been thinking about you lately, it was not a coincidence that I happened to check FB this morning and find you there. Love your blocks, Allie! Love their individual character... Like a big family of children, they all belong together, yet shine in their own unique ways! Love n hugs, Robin A.

Marty52 said...

You have so many wonderful fabrics, Allie! I love the way you have seemingly thrown them all together (but very carefully, I'm sure) and yet they make a cohesive block. Can't wait to see it all done!

On another note, do you know how many people will be attending the "Adventure in Crazy Quilting" next year?

FredaB said...

Hi Allie

Love the way you have incorporated the old block pieces in with the new. Looks great. On block 8 how about a bead in every polka dot or a french knot. Would probably make the block complete then.



ps - so glad I found the A.A. stuff.

Susan Elliott said...

Since I'm just tuning in on Sunday morning with a cup of tea..your commentary reminds me of the old Sunday mornings with Charles Kurault...

I loved hearing what you love, what you've added, who you've stitched into your quilt and what you've thought is whimpy~~!

I loved the blend of the old and new...and I very very much like that each block IS developing a character of its own...the contrasting of the old and new in each block is particularly striking to me. I think you're meeting the challenge quite wonderfully.

It's a winner already, Allie!

Saje said...

Wow!! I love those creative and colorful patches. Amazing work of art. congratulations!!! Best wishes.

Betsy said...

Allison , all the blocks are beautiful.