Thursday, July 23, 2009

New July Issue of CQMagOnline is Live

Don't delay, but click on over to CQMagOnline to see the brand new issue, just gone "live"!
As always, there are so many great articles to inspire you, and once again the "Readers' Showcase" gallery is superlative.

Thanks to the editor, Rissa Peace Root, the new Assistant Editor, Lynn Schoeffler, and the dedicated staffers who make the magazine possible...also to Maureen Greason of Maureen's Vintage Acquisitions for helping to sponsor this issue.

It is yum!

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Unknown said...

Not on today's topic, but a question. A friend inherited some embroidery blocks that are beautiful that her grandmother did. She wants to make a quilt of them for a birthday gift for her mom, however there are some brown spots on the blocks, she is not sure what they are, do you know of anything that might get that brown out? I am sure they were stored with something that helped turn the blocks that color, they are about 75 years old.