Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cottage CQ...Tree Stitching

There has been a technical issue that I finally attended to over the last few days.

The large areas in the trees section that are printed using the inkAid needed to be secured to the foundation fabric. They were puffy, not lying flat (and you know I hate that), and needed some texture anyways to blend in with all the stitching going on around these large "patches".

This view of the back illustrates the tactic I took to fix this. You can see all those lines of stitching in the plain white areas. I may have to add more, but this was enough for now.
On the front it looks like this:

I didn't want the stitching to stand out too much, so I matched it to the background. This is all backstitching.

I decided there was no need to outline both sides of the branches and trunks....this stitching is essentially acting as quilting; it isn't there as a design element so much.

In the pine tree sections I just made little stitches to blend in and hold the fabric down.

Frankly, this was boring work and that inkAid is a beast to stitch through. But I had to see if this would work. It's a good thing it did, because once you make a needle hole in this treated fabric, that hole is there for keeps.

I will say that on normally photoprinted fabric that is soft, stiching over it to augment the image is really fun and so much easier than you might think. It is just like painting by numbers, and is a most forgiving technique.
I'm glad the cottage isn't printed on inkAid!
But I'm not ready for it yet.....think I'll play with some bushes and little flowers as my reward for all this scut work.


Anonymous said...

Dear Allison, What a great idea to hold down those photo transfers. I can wait to see the finished piece because it's so much fun watching the process. Thanks so much for sharing. ~Jan Myhre

Anonymous said...

as well as its functional quality I like the subtle definition the backstitching (and the little pine needle sprays) gives to the printed trees.

Debra Dixon said...

Live and learn!

Vicki W said...

It may have been boring but is was very effective!

FredaB said...

Hi Allie

I had the same experience when I was doing the Judith & Kathryn necklace. Beading on the actual photo was like stitching through a rock and with all those little delica beads. Once I got past the photo it felt like heaven. I think I will stick to my own soft fabric put through my printer.

I guess we live and learn.



Susan said...

I might have missed the reasoning behind using the InkAid this time. Was it an experiment?

The stitching really does become part of the whole texture, though. With the dark green, particularly, it looks like shadowing on the branches and trunks.

Balwearie said...

I'm impressed -- the stitching really makes the tree trunks look 3-D without overpowering the photos and I adore the pine needles. I think you've got a perfect balance of stitches going on here.

By the way, if I can fit it in, I think I'll try to make one of those lovely fans like you've been making recently -- I need one with a big fat spider web. :)

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me...what is inkaid?

Barbara C said...

I've had to do this too when working with photo transferred images. It's dead boring, but it does keep the layers together. The other solution is beading, either to highlight your images, or randomly, to tack the layers together.

I really love the look of this piece. It's definitely one of my favorites.

Deb Hardman said...

Thanks Alli, I always love it when you share your solutions as you work. You are my all time favorite Crazy Quilter. I'd love to have a week long class with you someday.

I know, lets do a blogger quilt camp!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Allie, positively brilliant. You are a real engineer, and you continue to blow my mind (what's left of it).

Summerset said...

Nice solution and keeps with the organic feel of the section!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Dear Allie,
I follow-up the progress of your Cottage CQ with a great interest and admiration. I'm looking forward to see its final.It is going to be another master project.
Big hugs,

Wildflowerhouse said...

Allison, I found your blog through Rengin. You have a very informative blog. I love your work and shall return to read more.