Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pin Cushion Top

Working small is different for me and quite fun. And for some insane reason, occasionally I just want to work with those size 22 beads, which I call "bead dust". I have to wear magnifiers on top of my magnifiers to do this.

Those are teeny tiny beads.
But because my pin cushion top measures only 3 1/2 " in diameter, I needed teeny tiny.

My friend, Cindy Thury Smith, is writing an article about her radial pincushions for the upcoming issue of CQMagOnline, and some of us are making samples from her pattern for the article. So while I won't show the finished pin cushion, I can show the top I worked on yesterday.

I used scraps from my "Friends" piece. This time I wanted to use green with the blue, because I didn't get to last time. I love to experiment with very controlled palettes in CQ; I think they can give a lot of strength.
It sure is great to be doing shorter term projects again!

To see a fantastic series of small embellished crazy quilt circles, visit Marie Alton's "Porthole" series on her blog. They are truly fantastic.


Anonymous said...

This is lovely - i do have a fondness for green and blue together. This is the sort of thing I meant in my email - but this has got me thinking - maybe I could try again - but on a smaller a pincushion. thanks for the inspiration. :)

Lisa Boni said...

How nice! I love the little ferny stitch with the teensy tiny beeds!

Possibilities, Etc. said...

Wow! Exquisite it is! I, too, like the controlled palette for background - leaves more room for wonderful embellishment. This is really really pretty.

Summerset said...

Those are some small beads! Wow! You are right about those being the right scale for the project.

Anonymous said...

How pretty is that! I love the colors of blue, very dramatic.