Saturday, April 12, 2008

April Take It Further.....Finished

What I enjoyed most about this project, to be honest, was getting back to crazy quilting. I thought I had burned out on it a little bit, but this piecing and stitching and beading felt really good.

Here is the fan on the left side. Those cute little brass leaves were a gift from Pat Winter last summer. She gets them from Artful Market on Etsy.

And here is the fan on the right. I had to keep the embellishments pretty simple to reflect that this is about boys. No waste canvas this time around, but I did use one of Carole Samples' templates for the wavy lines. (Read about them here.)

My Lovely, Lovely Boys
15" X 15"

The title is a line from my favorite made-for-TV movie, Smiley's People. The character Connie Sacks is sadly referring to the young men she used to work with in British Intelligence, in her role as chief Russian analyst, before she got literally sacked (by the mole who was making her look bad, of course).
But with all the guys in my family--my two boys, my sister's three, and my brother's one, all born within 5 years of each other--"my lovely, lovely boys" as been in the family lexicon for years. And yes, I have lost least a little bit, so I share some of Connie's regret.

Anyway, I am fairly happy with this piece though the technical glitches are what I learned the most from. I really should have been much more careful lining up the photos...I should have pieced the whole block and then appliqued the felted linens, and then appliqued the photos. I would have had better control that way. That they are crooked truly bugs me.
I would have been able to achieve a flatter surface with the photos if I had done that, too. It is o.k. that they puff out, but I would have preferred them flat in this case. Chad wouldn't look quite as weird as a one year old if I had done that.
I loved all your comments on this piece...thanks!!!

Anyway, it is done, it was fun....and the sun is out. We need to be out there digging and making ready for these:

My husband is taking the tomatoes quite seriously this year......


Maureen said...

This is great, the colours really suit the boys photo's - maureen x

Vicki W said...

It turned out great! Gardening is starting here too. It's Chris' thing and the tomatoes are treated like shrines. I'm not allowed to touch them! I'm allergic to them raw but I make tomatoes sauce when the crop starts coming in. he has to select which ones I am allowed to use! LOL!

Debra Dixon said...

Nice to see you aren't perfect all the time! *wink* Great piece about your boys!

Barbara C said...

What a sweet little piece. I'm glad you're happy to be CQing again.

Today's weather was glorious here too, and I have been digging in my yard and getting ready for planting. If only tomatos grew well here (sign). Oh well, I've got a great record with green beans.

Threadspider said...

That's a very special piece for your lovely boys, and it's good it has brought you back to your enjoyment of crazy quilting again too.
Those tomatoes of yours look as if they are in a high tech environment! Mine are on the window sill!

Kay said...

Well, if the photos aren't perfectly straight, the stitching looks beautiful. Also, I particularly enjoyed reading the story behind the title of this piece.

Judy S. said...

Great finish, Allie! I am SO jealous of your tomatoes. They just refuse to do well here. What a difference a few hundred miles make! We bailed on work yesterday because the weather was so gorgeous and went to Gig Harbor...should've stayed home to garden because today the gloom has returned.

Cat said...

It turned out wonderful! I can't tell what you mean by crooked on the pictures - you must have a very critical eye! This will be a treasured piece forever!

Look at all those little mato plants! [My favorite food] I have overdone the quantity of tomatoes before in the garden...

I posted a picture of the bike for you. Tomorrow will be warm enough to ride to work, then a storm blowing in on Tuesday!

sharonb said...

Allie I sprayed coffee when I read your understatement about the tomatoes - yes it looks serious indeed

needless to say I was checking out your work - it turned out beautifully

Meg in Tennessee said...

Your work is always so lovely. I wasn't sure how a masculine CQ sqare would be, but your's is perfect.