Friday, November 23, 2007

Finishing Details for the H Quilt

Thank you all so much for your sweet and kind comments about that glad you like it! I like it, too.
And the pies were good!!!

The last major detail before I finish this quilt is to outline the double inner border of ribbon trim with some chain stitching. This was always in the plan, but had to go last, as I wasn't sure which colors I would want to use.

The red trim has a variageted Valdani #8 cotton was the inner, brown trim that was hard to choose for. This nice collection of hand-dyed cotton perle threads, also size #8, is from a lovely family-owned company called Weeks Dye Works. I got these from them in Houston at Quilt Market.

I thought two colors would be a bit more interesting than one here.
One corner down, three to go....finishing this up is making me kind of sad!

But both boys are home to take my mind off it!
What a study in contrasts brothers always are...Max the computer whiz (who has just been offered a real job with Amazon upon graduation this spring), and Chad the jock. What a pair to draw to....
They're out cruising electronics stores at the moment in celebration of Black Friday.

No one ever tells us when we are new moms how strange the transition period is between when they are boys and when they are is a poignant time for me!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

Just wait until you become a Grandma - what a transition, indeed - and a wonderful one. Makes it all worthwhile.

atet said...

Oooh -- I love those Weeks Dye Works threads. I've used them for a few years in cross stitch projects (though, if you need to put them in anything that is going to be washed -- you might want to retayne them first!)

Susan said...

I love the variegated on the red, and the two color on the other one. You know to be careful with washing something with Weeks? It isn't colorfast. I see now that Atet warned you, too. =) I don't use them for that reason - can't stand to have to be careful with anything! LOL! They do have lovely colors, though.

Can you believe you are approaching the end of this project?

Ah, boys to men. The wonder years. =) They become such great friends when they are men, though. I love spending time with either of my sons for that very reason.

Gail said...

WOW, this has turned out fantastic. What a wonderful tribute to H. Your work is beautiful and so inspiring.