Monday, March 12, 2007

Judy's Block...Finished!

What a sewing marathon I enjoyed this week-end!
I had to get this block done, as there was a deadline, and my husband and I are leaving for another adventure in Mexico on Wednesday. I will be off the radar for a week. I do plan on taking some stitching down there...the Black Hole from the Fan Quilt. That should be fun.

Anyway, here is Judy's block, with some details.

I embroidered over the woven brocade flower with a teeny tiny chain stitch. Those leaves are out of my Japanese ribbon embroidery book.

And as always, I love to use Vicki Day's silk ribbon...those bugles within the chain stitch are inspired by the peerless Pamela Kellogg, of Kitty and Me Designs. I think of this as a signature stitch of hers.

While doing all this stitching, I had the delightful company of my sister Mary, who flew up from San Diego. We did take time away from the sewing room to watch "Borat", and laughed ourselves silly. What a masterpiece of political incorrectness that film is! We loved it.
High Five...Great Success!

I love my Seester!!!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

"Las gemelas chistosas" Looking like very cute and loving twins!! The work is awesome - again, thanks a million. Now my work begins - will keep me busy while you are gone. I'll miss checking your blog daily with my coffee.

Unknown said...

i love you, too seester. you were right about the angle....we feel better about our necks!!!!

Granny Fran said...

You and your sister are so cute together.
Love your block, can't believe how fast you completed it. Thanks to your blog Judy and I have discovered that we are ladies in common; she is so neat and talented.
Have a great time on your Mexican adventure. How sad, stitching in paradise. Oh well, someone has to do it.

Robin said...

I just added "Judy's Block" to my screensaver, which is fast becoming an Alli-image eye candy feast! It's scrumptious! Nice picture of you and your sis. Mutual seeeester love is just the best!

Debra Dixon said...

I could've never guessed you two were sisters!

Very pretty block! Enjoy Mexico!

Susan said...

You actually look alike, too. My sisters and I look like 3 aliens, as far as any relationship is concerned - act like it, too. =)

The stitching is absolutely beautiful!

Sandra said...

Great 'seester' picture! And your CQ is wonderful, too.

Kerri Murphy said...

I love your style. I wish that I could CQ more like you do. Mine feels sterile. Anyway, great work!


Possibilities, Etc. said...

I have to comment again - besides missing Allie's blog with my a.m. coffee routine - I received the block in the mail today, and it is unbelievably gorgeous - the picture doesn't do it justice. I think I sniffled a bit holding in my hands. The lady is truly remarkable, and a good friend. How blessed can one be?!!!!

Charlene ♥ NC said...

WOW - this is a beautiful block!